Thursday, 23 November 2017

It's cricket

Yes it is all going  on as I type, the first test has started.
I toddled off to bed with the intention of just seeing what had happened this morning, but due to a wild raging storm I was woken up just after midnight and decided to put the radio on, to hear Tuffers bleating away, I was back to sleep  in no time and woke up refreshed at 5.15am as normal.
And before the keyboard warriors hone up their 2 finger typing skills to say 'call yourself a cricket fan?',
I had already made the decision not to listen based on a day of meetings. I love cricket, I just have a very busy couple of days ahead.

So here is how it stands ( although all of you will already know this)

Cook went for 2 bowled by Mitch Starc
Stoneman was gone for 53 and  the Vince was run out for 83.

Root and Malan are at the crease

score is 143-3

In other news Glamorgan have signed Shaun Marsh for two seasons which seems to be the way that it is going at the moment. Yorkshire have been lucky to sign an overseas player for 2 weeks let alone 2 years.
We are still waiting on news of a new arrival. I fear the great niece will be here before we get that news.

Much speculation about whether will take on a Kolpak player. Even though we all know that it is much talked about that we won't

I. just hope that we get a player that is not Australian,as I feel that they have let us down somewhat in the last few seasons.
Just my opinion.

Current score 148-3 and I am off out the door.

Places to go and people to meet and all that stuff.

I will be listening on the drive into work and then checking what happened up to close of play on twitter at lunchtime.

have a fabulous day, luckily the storm has passed here.

And remember we are less than a month from the shortest day...................and then it is nearly the cricket season.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017


Well not long now to wait for the fixtures and then everything can settle down in the chateau and I can get organised for 'le grand tour' to the Champagne region. I have lots to do in the next week.

Last night I was busy sorting out some things as my friend from the Rotary Club is trying to help a young family who have been re homed and have  to start from scratch. its been heart warming to see the amount of help he has received from everyone and hopefully it will give the family a start to make a home before Xmas.

After the news yesterday of the injury scare to David Warner, I see that the little the  'work experience Tyke' from a couple of seasons ago, Glenn Maxwell has been called into the side as cover.
Warner is sure that he will be fit for the game starting tomorrow but precautions are being taken.

There still seems to be unrest in the IPL, and we are only months away. Its all very complicated and is along the lines of retention of players and being able to buy players back. They should make this into a board game, it would be a great play on a cold evening.

Former Captain Cook says he is unfazed by the 'verbals' that are being reported in the build up to the first test, I personally am bored with it all. Let the game commence is what I say.

Well this isn't helping me to get out the door this morning, and traffic at the moment is worse than ever, so I think it is time to stop typing and start the engine.

Have a super Wednesday, we are midweek, and by the weekend I should have a new light fitting in the dining room.

How rock n roll!

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Positive Tuesday

Yes we have woken to rain, and cold and another 'fabulous' hair do courtesy of  my pillow, I think that I may soon find myself looking like Ena Sharples as I head to bed as I am now convinced that a hair net is the only way to have halfway decent hair in the morning................either that or don a wig!

I had forgotten how much my hair hates winter.

Over in cricket world, the talk is in full flow in the build up to the first test. To be honest I think that they should just let the bat and ball do the talking.

News from the  County champions, that they have appointed 'our own' Anthony Mcgrath as their new head coach, he has moved up from assistant to take the role.
He has obviously brought a bit of Yorkshire sparkle to the team who managed to sneak up on everyone unawares last season to take the title.
I wish him all the luck in the world in his new position he deserves it.

News from down under, David Warner has left the nets this morning with a suspected neck injury................maybe he should wind it in a bit!

just saying!

and Tim Paine, who has caused many furrowed brows in Australia with his selection, has said that the intends to make the most of the opportunity.

Well we are only a couple of days away from the start of the showdown and  after having a few nights of full sleep I  am beginning to wonder if I really should break the cycle by having the radio on all night. Its a  big decision with sleep being something that I  am needing badly.

I think that you all know how it will turn out.

Well turn out I must now, into the dark.

have a great Tuesday..................the start of cricket is nearly upon us.

Monday, 20 November 2017

here we go!

Well its Monday, new week and all that it brings with it.

Yesterday  we got the news that the new baby, to whom I will be Great Aunt Lainey, is going to be a girl.
Luckily she will be born in Yorkshire and I hope that she will show more promise than her Dad as a cricketer.

The decision with names is with the parents but, I was toying with suggestions for them,  Drew, being a nod to our Hoddy, Ryana, obviously, but my personal fave at the moment is 'Jackalean'. Not sure what the monster nephew will have to say about this.

so now it will be all stations go as they collect things in pink! (yuk!) Personally I think anything with yellow and two shades of blue is fine for either sex!

Well now, is Usain Bolt going to be putting his name into the hat for future Australian coach, well after giving the team tips on 'explosive' running between the wickets, I am beginning to wonder.

What next?

Fatima Whitbread giving fielding talks on how to throw?

The all new Perth Stadium will be host its opening match on 28th January for the fifth ODI.. Should be worth a view.

All the chatter is now in full flow in the build up to Thursday, everyone having their day on who is best, who will work well etc, etc, etc.

Not long now to see how it goes.

How it is going here is that after heading  to bed with slightly damp hair, I show little resemblance to my normal afro, I have  a very 'nice' upright area of curls in the centre of my head and at the moment nothing will make them lie down, so off to the shower I go to try to sort it out.

I hope the week is a good one for you.

happy Monday

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Cold and frosty Sunday

It's Sunday and its a cold crispy winter morning, I have lots to do and am trying to get organised.

Good news for all the cricket lovers, as we now know that the end of the month is the release of the fixtures.

So nails will remain in tact and I can get the diary ready for the dates.

All crickety news is the build up to the first test  which starts on Thursday. I have the bedside radio tuned in ready and will not be having much sleep I am guessing.

we will all be waiting to see what the England starting line up is.

Both team coaches have been having their say about what they think. Australia talking Stokes and England  saying they are ready to 'hit hard'.

Interesting to see how this all pans out.

well there is a veg casserole to go in the slow cooker and some chutney to be made, as well as cakes to be put in the oven. its a full on cooking day here, the house will be very toasty and hopefully smell delightful.

I am heading off to drop off a bag of 'stuff' at the charity shop which should make some more space, I am not sure how all of this turns up in my house, I am sure someone sneaks in with it when I am at work.

This is super short so have a peaceful Sunday, and if you are baking I hope you find the cake tins!

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Let the weekend begin

right! I'm up and dressed and about to walk to the sorting office, then onto the decorating thing! however this weekend sees  me being slightly saddened by a couple of old friends from London who have on a whim bought a house in France and moved. A chat with them last night has opened my eyes to the fact that  when things are not going well for you, its easy to take it out on others.

House bought on first sight  and now sadly turns out to be a shambles.
They  want to only spend time with English people who actually are not interested in them.
neither of them speak French and have no intention of learning , and so are living in the middle of nowhere sad and lonely.

as they had not switched off their phone at the end of a 'whatsapp' call, it was interesting to hear what they really thought of me.

I guess its true that eavesdroppers never hear any good of themselves,

So back to today, and what's happening in the cricket world,

well every form of social media was alive yesterday with the news about Tim Paine being selected for Australia, it appears that he is not a popular choice. For some reason though my computer corrected his name to Tim Peake, now that would  have been 'out of this world' if he had been selected!!!

Jake Ball is expected to be fit for the first test , which is good news.

England drew their last warm up match against Australia XI, and we now move onto the main event this week.

Sophie and I are both suffering from 'fanxiety', this little known affliction is caused by the long drawn out wait for the fixture list to be released.
the only known antidote for this, is the ECB getting their finger out and give us the news we have been waiting for.

I am sure that their are a lot of you out their with the same symptoms as us,

irritability, from the wait.

finger ache from constantly tapping on any ECB posts on twitter

crossed eyes from staring at your phone or media device for too long.

inflamed liver from drinking to while away the off season.

well, we will be waiting a little bit longer for the news, so off to the sorting office I go.

happy Saturday, one and all.

Friday, 17 November 2017

half day Friday

HOOOOFLIPPINGRAH!!!! It's half day Friday, I am shattered this morning, nothing to do with partying more to do with 'eedjit' that lives over the road, who came in at 11.30pm and sat in car for a full half hour with the engine running and music playing. He was asked to turn either or both off but did neither, the sounds of the baby in the house next to him, screaming didn't help either.

How to integrate into the neighbourhood!

In cricket, Otis Gibson has finally selected his coaching team and has gone with an all South African back room team.
Dale Benkenstein comes in as batting coach.
 Gibson had a complete clear out of the staff and I think that some counties in the UK should do the same, after all.

seven must be the magic year number, as Australia recall wicketkeeper Tim Paine., as I pointed out the other day, when Ryan ten Deschate was recalled by the Netherlands, 'HWMNBNITB' must  now be getting his abacus out to count how many years he has until England recall him!!!

Methinks no abacus with that many counters mate!

The days are getting shorter and catching a few glimpses of daylight are getting harder, however it is just over a month until the shortest day and then it will be all guns blazing for the start of  the cricket season.

I have to put a positive spin on it, as I am STILL waiting for some fixture news.

I have a busy day ahead and am hoping to be home and at least 5 lengths of wallpaper hung before 'wine time'.
Then I foresee an evening of  watching rubbish TV and knitting before I head off to bed.

Oh, there may be a quick chutney making session if I can fit it in.

Have a cracking Friday.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Another day begins

Another day begins and after the  fun of yesterday it is back to meetings and lots of work.

I had decided that instead of taking cake to work for my colleagues I would take a selection of cheese and crackers and lots of home made chutney, well that kept them quiet and full most of the day and also helped me to get through some of the tons of chutney that I had made.

The results in on the 3 types of chutney on offer were that they were all good, which for someone that doesn't eat it, was excellent to hear.

Food was also causing a problem in cricket, during a Sheffield Shield match in Australia, Nathan Lyon decided to make himself some toast which set off the fire alarms and caused the  Stuart Law stand to be evacuated!
 Luckily the match was able to continue after the Fire Brigade had given the all clear.
Lyon is Australia's first choice  test spinner so lets hope he doesn't get peckish during the test!

No news on the county front and I know that we are all waiting for the release of the fixtures, which will cause lots of excitement and to crash!

In my huge house  clear out I found my old china tea set, which had given me many hours of joy when I was a child, it had seen more 'orange squash' tea parties than I care to mention.
I toyed with sending it to the charity shop but knew that if I saw it I would have to buy it back. I was chatting to my assistant Elaine at work and she was talking about her Grand daughter Jessica and what they do when she comes to stay. I offered her the tea set and yesterday got a beautiful note and picture from Jess to say thank you.

it really made my day and I am pleased to know that it is being used and loved as much as when I had it.

I am now off to pack my new handbag for work, don my new earrings, put on my new face cream and have a glug of gin( only joking) before I head out the door.

The stunning bouquet that arrived when I got home is so fragrant that you can smell it right through the house.

Well off I go, hope that you all have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

It's my birthday!

Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to me
I may be only 21
But I look 23 (stone)

Happy Wednesday and Happy Birthday to me!

I have opened all my cards and pressies that have arrived and I am absolutely over the moon, how well everyone knows me.

A fabulous framed set of Concorde stamps, a new handbag, gin, special ( make me look younger) face cream from France and a wonderful selection of North African goodies are just some of the fabulous pressies as well as a beautiful ring and an outstanding bracelet.
I am well and truly spoilt that is for sure.

I have to nip to the sorting office on the way to work and pick up another pressie so I am super excited!

It's all too much and although I have to go to work, I don't care a jot.

I've just had messages from New Zealia and Australia ( from my favourite rock drummer/cricketer) and had a chat with my friend in South Africa, its been epic already.

I just hope that I have some super cricket news too.

lets have a look.

Well Steven Mullaney, has been appointed Nottinghamshire Captain next season. a great player and many congratulations to him.

Ryan ten Doeschate has returned to the Netherlands  national side after a break of 7 years,  I fear this might put ideas into the head of 'HWMNBNITB'.

Best birthday news in the world is that Dale 'The Stare' Steyn is to return to cricket after a year out , he will feature in a T20 match tonight.
Now that is cracking birthday news.

Sussex are looking for a new Head Coach, I think that I might put myself forward.

now though, I am getting myself into gear for a day in the office.

Well even birthday Lady's have to go to work sometimes.

have a great Wednesday

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Tired old Tuesday!

Its Tuesday, its cold, and I am a little bit tired. I was busy moving furniture around last night and before I knew it, it was time for bed!
I can see that I will be counting down the hours until I can crawl back in.

Yesterday saw the unveiling of the new Yorkshire kit for 2018, its very nice but looking very similar to last seasons I think. I still love the pale blue though.

The England boys had a day out experiencing Australian wildlife, the pics of Moeen  with a koala are priceless. He doesn't look too sure!

There is s flurry of activity ahead of the IPL and I don't mean cricketers, it is to do with the media and title rights. tendering for the rights will come in January less than 2 months ahead of the first game.

I'm wondering if this is to hype up the game or have the 'wheels' fallen off the 'flagship' version of the T20 game.
It is being said that there will be huge bids for the rights and so only time will tell.

I'm trying to read as much of this as I can but time is not on my side this morning.

I hope that the ECB are watching this carefully.

Well I am hoping  we get some extra cricket news this week, or I may have to start to make it up.

However in other news.....................................I'm super excited because it is my birthday coming up and although I will be at work, I am going to make the most of it.

Right off to crack the whip and then home for a visit and an early night

have a good day and wrap up warm, its freezing out there.

Monday, 13 November 2017

back to the real world

Well I am up and not a seagull sound to be heard, which was the first indication that I am home! Second indication was the fact that I was putting washing on at stupid o' clock.

now I am preparing for another week in the world of water treatment.

The weekend has flown by and was absolutely what I needed. Lots of fresh air, and lots of laughter, which was non stop, and catching up with Sophie, it was a dull drive home over the moors in torrential rain.

I was intending to have a nap when I got home, but ended up in bed before 8pm, which was not bad thing.

The hotel that we stayed in was very good, central, ( opposite the station), stacks of hot water which for me was perfect as there was a bath!!
The breakfasts were great and again for me being vegan, just perfect.
And there was a bar! Always handy.

Cricket news has been the furthest thing from my mind, although I am sure that we will  get some big news this week, which in my birthday week will be wonderful.

Good to hear that Jake Ball  could be fit for the first test.

Also spotted that Aaron Finch has signed a 2 year T20 deal with Surrey. Well we didn't want him to come back to Yorkshire!
I'm hoping that we go down the South African route this coming season, the Aussies that we have had previously haven;t really performed on the field.

Just my opinion.

well short one this morning  as the A167 is calling to me, I need to try to run my fingers through the afro and head off.

Happy Monday.

Don't work too hard.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Scarborough Saturday

Saturday began with a hearty breakfast and the decision to head up to the castle.
All wrap up we walked off into the sunshine.

After heading up a street that turned out to be steeper than the north face of Everest, we arrived at the castle out of breath and slightly red faced.

Realising that we would have to pay the price of several Dirty Martinis  to get in. We headed back down to sea level and made our way up North Marine Road.

We were expecting to poke our noses through the gates at the cricket ground  but no! The tea room was open and into the ground we went.
After a coffee and a bite to eat we had a gentle wander around the ground and then sat in the pavilion just letting the sunshine and peace and quiet wash over us.

Eventually (an hour and a half later) we headed back towards the hotel. Via the Art Gallery  where we purchased some prints and the artist very kindly signed them

Back to our hotel we found a blue plaque  saying that in the hotel, Charles Laughton  the actor was born. It seems his parents had owned it.
This explains why the rooms all have actors names.
We are in the 'Rita Hayworth' although we pass the 'Laurel and Hardy ' room and thank our lucky stars!!!

We rounded off our day with 3 pints of old speckled hen and wandering down to the local Greek family restaurant.
George Michaels! It was called.
It was brilliant that I could just order from the menu without any fuss.
Great food and the Metaxa was just what we needed before heading back to the hotel.

In bed by 9.30pm!
Yes really.
There was a disco going on downstairs  but these party girls know their limits.
 And now we are preparing to head off for brekkie.

It's been a great weekend.

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Hello from Scarbs

  This is not really a blog it's just to say that it was full on busy yesterday and then off to Scarbados.
Sophie arrived about 5pm and we started on the Martinis.
Went to the bar and then fell into bed.

Today we are off  to the castle to blow the cobwebs off .

So great to be in Scarborough with Sophie.
Hope you all have a great weekend

Friday, 10 November 2017


I'm going to Scarbados.

Wooooo land of the B & B,

Woooo I'm going to meet Fun Sophie,

By the freezing cold  North sea!

yes today is the day when I venture back over the Moors and head off to Scarbados for a weekend of fun and belly laughs with Sophie!

The weather is not going to be as warm as August ( although you never know) , so I am full of beans this morning and raring to go!

Lots to do before I head off though.

Firstlu some cricket news.

The injury list is getting longer as Jake Ball has sprained his ankle in the England warm up match.

Sprained ankles, torn cartilage, back strain, shin splints, fractured eyelashes, the list of possible cricket injuries is a minefield for players.

It is hard to believe that these boys are going to make it through to Christmas at this rate.

Lets hope that we don't lose any more before Brisbane!

Good to see that Glenn Maxwell is fighting to get his number 6 slot in the Ashes team.
the man with a reputation for big hitting ( although we were slightly underwhelmed when he was at Yorkshire) is  determined to get on the team sheet for the first test.

well that's all folks!

I cannot guarantee that there will be blog an an unearthly hour tomorrow but I am sure that there will be one!

Happy Friday !

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Nearly there

So it's Thursday and nearly the end of the week.......................and then holibobs!

L have my bag nearly ready and I am good  to go.................. think!

Over in Australia England are playing their second warm up match against Australia XI and  were allout for 293, Australia XI are currently on a drinks break and are 66-5.

In County news, Matthew Maynard is rejoining Glamorgan as the consultant batting coach, this is a part time position and see Maynard return to the county where  he has been Captain and also Director of cricket.

I wonder if we will be seeing more of these 'part time' coaches in the future.

Some counties have so many 'coaches' that the wages bill alone  would probably pay my mortgage fora few years!

It is cold and stormy outside this morning and I am keeping it short as my drive to work this week, all 8 miles of it has been taking over an hour, and don't get me started about my drive home!

Never mind lots to look forward to and hopefully England will have cleaned out the Aussies by the time I am at my desk.

No decorating tonight I am taking a weeks break and will crack on next week to get things finished.

Have a great Thursday, wrap up warm

Wednesday, 8 November 2017


Well pack the 'Janet and John' books and fold away the speedos, the news from Down Under is that  the ECB tourist is to be sent home! sadly for him, the scan on his knee has showen up a torn cartilage and home he must come.

he has to be the unluckiest bowler in the history of England.
Don't say I didn't warn you though!

And onto his lounger comes Tom Curran. Lets see how this pans out then!

In the Australia warm up match, Mitchell Starc made history by taking a second hat trick in the match against Western Australia.

The ECB cricket bosses have been talking about how to handle Ben Stokes when/if he returns to the fold. 'censure and support' is the way forward they say.
Surely this should be something that is in place for all the players?
Are they saying that they just pick them and leave then to it?

there is a lot of chatter about the forthcoming IPL series as the big wigs get their heads together, more on this when they publish their findings.

England coach Trevor Bayliss has said that he does not have a problem with playing Mason Crane in a test..............well to be honest it may be a 'must have to' situation if the breakdowns continue.

So yesterday saw 5 months of hard work pay off, a meeting with one of our clients, was really positive and as I have been trying to clear a years backlog, they were very surprised at the way things had moved forward. Another meeting next Thursday should hopefully  see us well and truly top of the class.

Lots of work to do before then, finishing off the projects.

I am  in the process of repacking my bag for the weekend, but now I must head out the door and off to the office.

have a great Wednesday


Tuesday, 7 November 2017


Ahh the heady days of Summer are well and truly behind us a it now seems to be winter coat weather.
To be honest I am not sure where the summer went or if it came at all, but it was slightly warmer than this morning. Upside is there is no frost!

we are closer to the release of  the fixtures and I am getting a tad excited about this. it will mean that I have to get into full on planning mode and will be hunting for hotels to stay in. Ah the joy of the new season!.

In cricket there is still no Stokes news.

David Willey has re signed for The Scorchers in the BBL, which is great for them and hopefully will pay off for us next season.

Glenn McGrath has joined Sky for the Ashes which will make my viewing a lot more bearable.he is in my top 10 all time bowlers.

one of my up and coming bowlers to the top ten, Mitchell Starc took a hat trick in the warm up match, as he heads to full fitness for the forthcoming series.

BBC cricket site was asking you to pick your all time Ashes XI they mentioned Jeff Thomson.
My experience with the said man was at a cricket dinner, when he singled me out of the crowd and spent a good part of the evening heckling me!.
He did however buy me a drink at the end of the evening.
his mention of bouncers had nothing to do with cricket however!!!!

I had an evening off from decorating, whilst planning my next job with military precision. I will be cracking on this week ( well tonight to Thursday) to get the bathroom sorted and then I will be ready for my weekend away.
Did I mention that I was going to Scarborough to meet Fun Sophie??

Well I am, and I cannot wait!

Wrap up warm its cold out there!

Monday, 6 November 2017

Once more into the frost dear friends

After a fabulously clear Bonfire night, it  is again very frosty this morning, luckily the limo is safely tucked up in the garage awaiting the impending drive to work.

Yesterday was very busy as I tidied up the dining room, put up the new curtain pole and curtains and steam cleaned the toilet floor. Two rooms completed and it only half killed me!

Over the years I have spent a small fortune on toilet seats, wooden ones, self closing ones, multi coloured one and always have the same problem. They never fit properly, move around and with the wooden ones break away from the fittings.
So in the search for the perfect loo seat, I bought a bog ( excuse the pun) standard plastic one to see me through until I found it.!!
Low and behold, this is the perfect toilet seat!
Fits perfectly, does not move and is tightly fitted and looks good.

I bet you never imagined when you opened the blog this morning that toilet seats would be the order of the day !

 I then headed off with besty friend Chris to get a new Ikea chair bed. Handy little thing to go in the home office, metal action wooden slatted single bed which folds up into a chair. Brilliant and will look excellent when I have the strength to carry it up stairs!

England did OK on the 2nd day of the warm up match with James Anderson taking four wickets.
Andrew Strauss has been talking about Stokes and depending where you read it ,it reads differently.

he is reported to have said that not having Stokes with the team is a huge blow to them.
And he is also seeking 'clarity' in the case as he is expecting Stokes to rejoin the team down under.

Lets see what this week holds if anything.
Was his talking about it a signal that something is about to happen?

Who knows.

well as news is scarce this morning I will head off to start my week.

Only 4 more sleeps and I am off to Scarbados!


Sunday, 5 November 2017

Jack Frost has been!

I have woken up to frost this morning, I have to say it was a little chilly last night....................but did you see the moon? That was some full moon and due to the very clear skies here it was in all its glory.
My garden was lit up beautifully.

I had a busy day which included playing 'throw the squeaky toy' for Benji when I went to the garage to get the car serviced. This went on for much longer and I usually had to go and collect the said toy for him!
Somehow I think that he has me very well trained!

I have been lucky enough to know Benji since the first day he arrived. he is very funny and has a habit of pinning you to the sofa and staring straight into your eyes! very off putting it is I can tell you.

Got home and finished the dining room papering , then set too on other things until I was very unwell. I began to feel slightly sick and was preparing to go out for the evening, I ended up in bed at 7.30pm and stayed there right through until 6.30am!

I am now up, feeling much better and washing is in the machine, the dining room is about to be hoovered and I will make some cakes too.

over in Australia England are fielding and Western Australia are currently 245-5.

Englands women are also in action and fighting hard.

STILL no news on the Stokes saga, although some of the England cricketers are saying they expect him to play a part  in The Ashes.............I'm not so sure.

Well the sun is breaking through and it looks as if it will be a lovely day, if a little cold.

I have lots to do, so I will keep this very short this morning and head off to do stuff.

Have a peaceful Sunday, it is the day of rest after all!

Saturday, 4 November 2017

cold and wet

well it is cold and wet this morning and I'm off to get the barnet cut, car serviced, and take a load of stuff to the tip.
 I hope to get the dining room put back into some kind of order as I crack on with the decorating.

It seems to be going on forever but as I am doing most of it in the evenings when I get home and I have a lot to do, well it will be finished when its finished.

Its going to be a busy weekend.

England are currently playing a warm up match against Western Australia and are  252-4

News form the counties is that Shivnarine Chanderpaul has signed for another year with Lancashire. The 43 year old is looking forward to the 2018 season..

Well now, little bit of gossip from Oz, it is rumoured that the captain of the national team picks his friends to play in the side with him. he has gone on record to deny wouldn't find that happening in county sides would you! or would you????

News from our national Moeen and the tourist will miss two warm up matches, lets just count the tourist as on the bench for the remainder of the tour. Hope he has a good stash of 'Janet and John'.

Well it is nearly time to get on with the mundane chores, like fitting the new toilet seat, I had forgotten that I had removed the old one last night and got a bit of a shock this morning at 5am!

short one, but lots to do here at the chateau.

Happy Saturday and don't work too hard, I will be doing enough for everyone

Friday, 3 November 2017

weekend here I come!

Praise be!, It is Friday and it is half day too!

Nearly time for the weekend and all that entails, which in my case is a bit of decorating , a bit of partying and a bit of interior shuffling around.

After a very fitful nights sleep, when I dreamt that I was having a wind turbine installed in the extensive grounds, by Joe Root, who informed me that when he has a spare moment he does it to get some extra money because he has a family now!
AA Gill (sadly no longer with us) was helping him and he made us his own blend of tea!
Weird to say the least!

I am now  showered and about to put some slap on and head out of the door.

however before that some cricket news.

I was reminded that I had forgotten to mention the birthday of the lovely Ollie Raynor,  well after forgetting the birthday of TLJL, I fear that I am getting forgetful in my dotage!

and more news!

As I  predicted,  The ECB tourist is crocked and  about to have a scan  on a knee injury which was apparently picked up in the nets.....................more like in the race for the sunbeds!.

Words fail me on this piece of news!

Moeen Ali is also set for a scan, and once again England seem to have flown out a somewhat near crocked team. I'm betting on Broad being the next man down.

Well after that news, there is little more to tell and I have to get a wriggle on.

so very short, but lots to do in half a day.

have a fab Friday.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

nearer to the weekend

It's Thursday, the dining room is looking less bare and I am moving on at a  rate of knots ( sort of) in the decorating thing.
Its all go here  and with the start of birthday things this weekend, I need to get a wriggle on.

Work is good and I am ploughing my way through the 18 months of backlog, which is great a huge relief.
Who would believe that I am now into my 5th month.

Working with a great team helps and I am not only learning Afrikaans ( albeit the naughty words) I am now moving onto Russian, my new favourite phrase is a drinking  salute which is hilarious.

We do have a radio and we do have singing, Ray who speaks Russian is the leading of the songs and he knows all the words( a blessing in itself). he is our own special 'Raydio'

Today is my assistant, Elaines'  birthday, so it should make for a good day.

In cricket it is good to see the ECB tourist aiming for glory, I am guessing that is in the 'Best tan' category or maybe ' reader of the most books'!

After Joe Root said there is not a drinking culture within the England team, it has been announced that the team have agreed sensible drinking rules! Lets see how long that lasts?

a nice piece on the BBC website about the 'other' Ryan Sidebottom, but in reality there is only one Ryan Sidebottom. end of!

Notts continue to firm up their team for greater success this coming season, as they signed Chris Nash.

 The Aussies are talking about 'body language' in there run up to the Ashes, which makes a change from other things that they usually talk about.

I am now heading out the door.

Have a cracking Thursday, the weekend is just working hours away.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

It's November !!!!

It's November,  It's all souls Day,it's Wednesday and I am shattered!

After a full on day at work and a full on evening of decorating, the dining room is taking shape!

I am going to struggle through today I think, but hey its closer to the weekend.

I can hear outside the wind, which is blowing a gale, I think that thermals may be the order of the day again today.

However lets see if there is any cricket news.

well the top news is that England have replaced Otis Gibson with Chris Silverwood, Head Coach of Essex.. Now that is a good placement by England, but fancy leaving your team when they are championship winners!
I am feeling some predictions for next season coming on!

Northants have signed Lancashire all rounder Luke Procter. Luke went to the club on loan in September, scoring 235 runs in 2 championship games.
Good luck  Luke.

I had a few knocks on the door for Halloween, children are funny, they dress up as ghosts and witches and clowns and zombies and knock on your door to frighten you.
You then produce some jelly sweets and ask them if they want some  pork or beef jelly sweet and they run away !
They were pretending to be their chosen 'scary person' I was just telling them the truth!
Needless to say these will now be in my office and as some had E numbers in, no doubt the office boys will be hyper by lunchtime after scoffing the lot!

Well as news is in short supply today, I am heading off early to get one step closer to finishing the latest O & M.

Have a great Wednesday.

It's November my favourite month of the year!

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

All Hallows Eve

Well it is the last day of October and it is All Hallows Eve. Or Halloween as we like to call it.
I am not big on the Americanisation of the day, I am not into carving a pumpkin or going 'trick or treating'
Lets go back to Mums and Dads struggling to carve a turnip.

I do like the idea on some parts of the continent of tomorrow being a holiday for 'All Saints Day.

I remember well travelling by train to Valencia  on All Hallows Eve and having a very peaceful day in the city on November 1st, I also remember the kidneys on my breakfast plate but that is a whole different story!

When did we take on American ideas, we had plenty of our own for centuries?

I have noticed a worrying trend of 'Christmas Eve' boxes now appearing on my Facebook timeline.
What next?
Well enough of being grumpy lets see if we have any cricket news.

Tom Westley has extended his contract with the champions Essex, well you would wouldn't you?

Otis Gibson has not only taken up the mantel of coach with South Africa he is now also the bowling coach, whilst looking to bolster the coaching side it looks as if Otis is taking on all roles, wonder if he does the washing too?

Still no news on the Stokes front, it is taking a long time for this to be sorted.

Any speculation about my Morne coming to England on a Kolpak deal has been ended with him saying that he is looking toward the 2019 World Cup, great for South Africa, not so for me and it looks as if my lessons in Afrikaans has gone  to have gone to waste!

Dankie Morne!

well the dining room is ready for the first paper hanging, I won't bore you with the soul searching over Laura Ashley v Colefax and Fowler. As it turns out B & Q came up trumps!

I am now wrapping up warm, yesterday saw the first frost here in the North  East of blighty and although sunny it was a jolly chilly day.

So thermals on and ready for the off.

geniet de dag.

Monday, 30 October 2017

where did the weekend go?

well, gone are the days when Sunday was a day of rest!
I was up and  busy and had the smallest room in the house wallpapered by just after lunch.

I had also whipped up a batch of plum and apple chutney too.

I managed to got 2 lengths of wallpaper on the spare room, before starting to strip the dining room. I have one job set aside for each evening when I get home this week and intend to be a lot further forward by this time next weekend.

All these jobs have needed to be done and although I was tempted to get someone in to do them, I am pleased that I cracked on and did them myself.
The broken nails and sore back however tell another tale!

Its only taken me 6 months to get fully started.

The Xmas cakes were put on hold until next weekend when I intend to whip up another batch.

 I am struggling to find any cricket news with the exception that England ladies won their game against Australian.

This was a much needed win after 2 defeats and hopefully will spur them on .

South Africa cleared up in Bangladesh as they completed a series win in the T20 with David Warner hitting the fastest international T20 century. Miller was dropped on 0, and the went on to score 101 in  36 balls his century coming in 35 balls.
South Africa won every match against the visitors.

well another week begins and I am about to head out of the door.

Its going to be a busy old week for me at work and at home, but I have a plan and I am going to stick to it.

I also need to find some white silk hydrangeas.....................but that's another story

Sunday, 29 October 2017

An extra hour in bed

Well I got an extra hour in bed this morning, which meant that I woke up at 4.15am, I did however turnover and sleep through until 7am. I am getting very lazy of late.

We had a very blustery day yesterday that was topped off with a night of rain, I am sad to say that winter is well and truly on its way.
Today has dawned quite calm and I am about to try to get some washing out on the line before any change occurs.

In cricket news Surrey have got more players to extend contracts, with Stoneman, Foakes, Roy and Tom Curran staying put for  at least another 3 seasons.

The England team set off down under and with them the hopes if England that they will win the Ashes. There is still no resolution to the Stokes problem. Maybe this week something will be decided.

Good news on the seagull front though. They have all disappeared, my guess that they got blown back to the coast by the strong winds of yesterday.

Today is all about getting sorted and hopefully getting the new curtain pole up in the dining room and then the new curtains.

I am hoping that we get some cricket gossip this week, as I am sure my decorating, cooking and sorting out is wearing a bit thin now.

No matter how windy it was yesterday, it was a memorable day in the life of best cricket drinking chum Jim, as he married the lovely Lucy.

I wish them both much happiness.

I hope that Lucy still lets Jim come out to drink after cricket.

I also got some great chutney feedback from my 'food pro' Anthony. He sampled two chutneys, his favourite being crab apple.
Always good to hear a positive.

Right I am off to whip up some plum and apple chutney and another batch of xmas cakes.

have a great day

Saturday, 28 October 2017

woken by seagulls

I had intended to have a lovely lie in today..............................however the  seagulls had other ideas.
Yes I think that a colony of seagulls have taken up residence on my roof. As if the noise was not bad enough they all sound as if they are wearing hob nailed boots!
I can hear them now 'tap dancing' along the length of the roof and back again!

 It has had its benefits as I now have a load of washing blowing on the line.

Life over in France has settled into a routine and includes a weekly 'craft class' where full marks were given for the jumper the Dame had knit.Not before it has been inspected inside and out by the 'chief knitter'.
Plans are taking shape for my trip over and I am excited to head off to the champagne region again.

In the world of cricket Durham announced that one of their players had extended his contract. James Weighell a young fast bowler who has spent his career with the county, will be with them until  the end of 2020.

More twists in the Ben Stokes story if The Sun is to be believed. Just to say I do not read the aforementioned rag, I read the report quoting from it on a cricket news page.

ah the seagulls have now changed to doing 'Riverdance' on the roof! Its a wonder to hear!
I have seen one of the culprits and he is more 'Michael Fatley' than 'Flatley'

The dishwasher has finished its cycle and I fear the 'emptying' fairies will not be coming so I guess that I had best head off and do the honours.

Cake making and wallpapering are the order of the day here at the chateau.

Until tomorrow when I hope to be  a bit further forward!


Carrefour near Troyes has Bushmills on special and wine is 3 for 2.

just in case you were thinking of nipping across La Manche

Bon journee

Friday, 27 October 2017


Before I do anything else this morning I have to say a HUGE sorry to TLJL and TLML as I forgot to mention his birthday 9 days ago!

I would like to say its was because I was travelling the world, swilling champagne and having a fabulous time, but in truth it was because I have been very busy at work, incredibly tired and trying to do a million and one things here at the chateau.
So a very belated 24th birthday to TLJ and I hope that everyone had a good time.

In other news Durham have signed Australian Nathan Rimmington on a two year deal. This is starting to bolster up the team after it was left much depleted with the recent exodus.

Hampshire all rounder Ian Holland signed a two year deal with the club .

South Africa continue their winning ways in Bangladesh, as they won the T20 match by 20 runs.

England Women lost their game against the Australian  side  as the hosts make it 2 wins.

No more BBL07 news but I am sure that it will be coming in thick and fast soon.

I'm ready for the off, its half day Friday but there is still a lot to get done, however after introducing 'bacon butty Friday' ( not for me you understand) everyone will be in high spirits today.

News on the dream front, I either did not dream or did not remember it.

I am not the only person who has had some strange dreams of late, luckily I did  not meet a Bolivian Dignitary  at Michael Bentines funeral!!!! That one must have taken some amount of cheese!

So it is a short one today as I have lots to do before I head out into the cold and dark.
Yes it is still very very black outside.
Anyone would think that winter is coming!

Have a fabulous Friday!

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Cricket is on

I am currently scribbling this and listening to the coverage of the woman's Ashes  tour match. The second ODI is underway  and Australia are batting , with one win already under their belts they are currently (6.08am)  103-1 with 28 overs left.

After much speculation Moeen Ali has signed a 5 year contract with Worcestershire  seeing him staying at New Road until 2022.

Sussex have parted company with their coach mark Davis, who has been with the club since 2015.

'Felt pen boy' has scribbled his name on another contract with Surrey seeing him staying there until the end of 2020.

You know you are 'knocking on' when you read about the Zimbabwean head coach and remember when he came to Hampshire as a young pup. Not me you understand, just writing that bit for 'a friend'!!!

Sad to read that a groundsman in India has been sacked after agreeing to tamper with a pitch ahead of the  India v New Zealand ODI in Pune.
Just not cricket.

Well I am wide awake now but if any of you can interpret dreams I would be interested to know what you make of the one I had last night.

I was at a corporate golf day ( yes golf!) with chums Sophie and Jim, we were playing with a cricket ball instead of a golf ball and my cricket ball was double the size of the others and also coming away at the seams  ( bit like me really ). I kept losing my ball in the rough and decided to head to the bar with Sophie, where we met the Brownlee brothers, resplendent in lycra!!
Jim came into the bar, and although we were calling to him, he couldn't see us.
Then I woke up!

I don't eat cheese so that can't be to blame.
It sure was a weird one and the first one I have remembered in a long time.

And finally, very sad news yesterday that my best friend Chris had lost Sheba her 12 year old German Shepherd. Sheba had been brought into the family to be a guard dog, but the only worry you had was to have left the house considerable covered in doggy kisses.
She was a very sweet natured dog and loved by everyone.
I like to think that she is now running with her 'brothers' Tyson and Harley.

Very sad news.

And with that I am off to finish the transformation to 'work girl' and head out the door.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Another miserable morning

It  is cold and wet again this morning in Ladylaineyville, I have just been for a yomp round the block and I can say that it is absolutely pitch black too.

Yesterday saw me driving to work in the torrential rain and also thinking that it was this  time next week! It was like night and remained like that until 8am when we started to see some light. Obviously this time next week the clocks will have gone back and I will be in full hibernation mode.

It is looking as if it is going to be much the same today!

So lets have a look around the cricket world and see what has been happening.

Well, Tom Curran  has been signed for Hobart Hurricanes in BBL07,  he is to be their second overseas player along side Tymel Mills. Captain of the team is George Bailey, They also have on board the fabulously names D'Arcy Short!!!

Lots of goings in the Counties here in Blighty as Warwickshire said goodbye to their bowling coach Alan Richardson as he leaves for pastures new.

Sussex have released Chirs Nash who has been with the club for an amazing 26 years, despite being only 34. He has been with the club since he was eight,and he has asked to leave the club.
Interesting to see where he goes.

After seeing Faf du Plessis piggy backed off the field on Sunday with a lower back injury it has been reported that he will be out for six weeks, it seems that the acute lumbar disc injury will keep him out until December when it is hoped that he will return  for the four day test against Zimbabwe.
Wishing him a speedy recovery.

Interesting to read that the Bangladesh Cricket Board is to investigate and take action against three players  who broke the team  rules. It is reported that they went out to  a casino and returned late to the hotel.
They were expected to be backing the hotel at 10pm, even though this was not a match night!

Well time to head off to the corporate world, another  day another penny in the French kitty.

It's Wednesday, midweek.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

It's raining it's pouring

 I wish I was still snoring!

I'm shattered this morning and I am only on the second day of the working week, everything is slow this morning including th 'lapdog', I'm typing what seem to be six sentences ahead of it!

Well now, interesting read this morning as I see that Australian coach Darren Lehmann is hinting at splitting the coaching role for the Australian team.

He will be in charge for the Ashes but will the coaching be split between red ball and white ball?
He already has  more stand in coaches than I have shoes so he will have plenty of options, including Jason Gillespie who has just finished coaching PNG and is gearing up for his BBL stint.
There are several other names in the mix too Justin Langer being just one.

My thoughts?
If you are the coach of the National Team then its your job what ever the formats.

Just saying.

I'm also becoming a little sick of reading  how 'we can win the Ashes without Stokes'. We have to go and play as a team, which is the most important thing.
Its time for players to step up ans how why they have been selected to play for their country,

Stokes is still to find out the outcome of his actions in Bristol

Well this is super short as the problems with the laptop this morning have meant that I am running very late.

And its chucking it down which doesn't bode well for the new barnet!

Have a great day where ever you are

Monday, 23 October 2017

Here we go again

Here we go , new week, new start.

Time to put all the failures of last week behind me and move on.

Time to stop beating myself up for not finishing the bathroom and toilet this weekend, I did however get 5 of the 3000,000 Christmas cakes I need, made.
I also manged to get more chutney made and started to get the xmas hampers sorted, I know some people think I am mad, but it will soon be November, and I need to get everything sorted so that they can be posted.

I also finished glossing in the dining room which means that I may finally get the new curtain pole up and the new curtains.

As I said new week!

I managed to keep an eye on the cricket  too and was most distressed to see Faf du Plessis piggybacked off the field after suffering a lower back injury. he was forced to retire on 91!
News is that he is out of the T20 series and will be off to have his back looked at.
South Africa won the match.

Friend Neil sent through some pics from the cricket wedding of the year, and lovely it looked too.He sent me a picture of captain Morgan!!! Just what I always wanted!

If news is to be believed Chris Gayle has been a bit naughty when in the company of a masseuse.
He is denying it claiming that the Australian press are out to  get him.
The alleged incident took place in 2015 at The World Cup.
The defamation case is set to run for 10 days.

There are lots of signings taking place for the up coming BBL which starts at the end of the year.
I will be watching out for more in this over the next few weeks and will blog anything of interest.

I am now about to sort out the birdsnest before I head out the door.

New week, new start, here we go!

Sunday, 22 October 2017

good morning

I'm up and about to start doing things, it is however later than normal ( again).
Yesterday I set about doing some glossing and whipped up a batch of Spiced apple chutney, I realised I needed to go to the the town, so I headed off and also dropped off some 'stuff' at the charity shop.

I got back home and sorted out the washing which had not been out on the line due to rain, I sat down at 5.30 with a cup of coffee and the intention of heating up some lentil dahl for dinner...................and then woke up at 8.45pm

I know that I have been running on low reserves for a couple of weeks, I have been exceptionally tired  lately, the cold I picked up at work is a bit of a nasty cough now so I cannot afford for it to get any worse.

So today,
I am going to keep up with all things South Africa as they are in action shortly in ODI action.

Our ladies were  in action over night in Australia, which went in favour of the Antipodeans.Early hiccup I think.

It appears that David Warner has conceded that he may have gone a bit far with the 'war' comment.

sadly news is  filtering through of a  Pakistan player  being approached re match fixing.
This is something that always upsets me, I never did or will understand why players would risk there career and reputation for underhand money.
We all know how this has played out  in the past.

And finally, all was put in place for the 'girls' weekend away.
We are heading to the heady heights of Scarbados. And I cannot wait.
Walks have been investigated ( and not from pub to pub) and this time instead of seeing just the inside of North Marine Road with a quick dash of Peaseholm Park and the inside of bars, it will be good to have a good old ramble around the town.

Right, time is getting on and I need to get things done.

Have a peaceful Sunday 

Saturday, 21 October 2017

bit of a lie in.

I'm late with the blog this morning as I have been very busy answering messages, messaging the Dame and chatting with friend Neil.

All from my bed as I couldn't be bothered to get up.
So lots of news.

I am going to be a Great Aunt next cricket season and as such I will have to curb my wild ways..............................................not a chuffing chance on that one.
Christophe and Katie are very happy and that's the main thing.
I will insist on being called GAL ( Great Aunt Lainey) when said baby can talk.

Lots of messages about this which I answered this morning.

Had a message from my old MTS pal Neil who is off to the cricket wedding of the year today as his God daughter gets married.
Not sure what he was doing up at at 3.43am ( when he sent original message) I responded at 6.05am and he was still up!Weddings at 3pm so hope he makes it through.

Messages from my sister answered including the hilarious
'Just if you see an Arab jumper pattern preferably crew neck'
not sure where I will get one of those!

And then cricket,

Interesting to read that Mitchell Marsh has decided not to go for an IPL contract but to play the full season with Surrey.
How very refreshing that an overseas player will play all season.
Well done that boy.
We need one of those at Yorkshire.

Aussie coach Darren Lehmann has waded in on the mudslinging that has erupted after David Warners 'war' comment.
However I am sad to see that he is encouraging the verbals.
Its about the cricket not the sledging!

Well that's was a quick cricket round up, so best haul my bulk out of bed and get some chutney made, hang some wallpaper and get some paint splashed on walls as well as getting some washing done.

I'm gone!

Friday, 20 October 2017

Its the end of the working week

Well its finally here and it has seemed to be the longest week I have had here yet, I think that the dark mornings are not of any great help.
And after next week it will be dark when I leave for home and dark when I get to work in the morning, so I think that a good walk every lunchtime will be the order of the day!

Things  are  looking up on the home front as I managed to nearly finish  all the painting in the bathroom and toilet which means that  this afternoon, I could be starting on the wallpapering.

I seem to be getting sort of organised  in the house, just need to get myself into a sleep routine and I am sorted.
I still have bags of apples in the kitchen so I am guessing that you all know what I will be making more of this weekend, I am just very short of jam jars!

 In cricket  news Nottinghamshire continue to retain their players as Steven Mullaney signed for another four years.
Excellent news!

In Division 2 Kent have lost Matt Coles who has signed on a 2 year contract with champions Essex.

So much moving around

Players are now lining up for the Big Bash at the end of the year and it is also starting to flash money around for players similar to those in the IPL.
The Bangladesh Premier League ( everyone has one now apart from the UK) is trying to secure Chris Gayle at one of their clubs.
There must be huge amounts of money on offer for players who now travel the world as T20 'mercenaries',

Well it is indeed Friday and it is half day so I am off to get things done.

First job will be to send someone to get the boys their bacon sandwiches, which will keep them happy.

Time to head out in to the rain, but before I know it I will be back home.
Happy Friday 

Thursday, 19 October 2017

tired Thursday

Well I am up and ready for the office, but could do with an extra 6 hours in bed as I am very tired this morning. I dozed off to sleep last night very quickly, so quickly that I had left my phone on,and it then woke me up with an alarm to remind me to go to sleep!!!
This resulted in me being awake for over an hour and way way past my bedtime.

Oh well, Ill get some wallpaper put up tonight and then head up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire as quickly as possible.

It was interesting to read our chairman's  thoughts on the Q & A session he did the other day via Twitter, I am always amazed at how he spends time to interact with members and Yorkshire fans.
He did say that on the team front we would not be looking to South Africa next season , which is a shame in light of Abraham Benjamin hitting  176 yesterday against Bangladesh.

I would have liked to see Morne Morkel in Yorkshire colours but, as we are proud to 'grow our own ' I will have to be happy.
I have high hopes for Matthew Waite this coming season.

Warning bells should be ringing here in the UK with the powers who are pushing for the Franchised T20 system.
The Global League in South Africa which was hastily postponed for a year, last week has now caused a rift with people wanting some transparency and an independent investigation into the 'irregularities' surrounding the whole debacle.
It seems that they are trying to deal with it 'in house '( cover up?)  and  am sure that there is much more to this than is meeting the eye.

Still lots of re-signing around the counties as Dan Lawrence extended his contract until end of 2019 with champions Essex.
We still seem to be holding on to the full team at Yorkshire..........................or are they biding their time.

Right I am off to hit the 167 and enter the twilight zone of chemical doing kiosks and Fluorosilicic Acid, ah if only I had enjoyed chemistry at school!

Have a great Thursday, the weekend is looming close.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

half way through

Well we are half way through the week and I am now trying to  get my plans in action for the weekend.
I still have to get myself into a proper routine with the new job, I guess it will all fall into place when I finally feel as if I have got us back on track, until them I will soldier on.

What I have been doing is, in the run up to the fixtures being released,is making a list of grounds I would like to visit.
As I have done all county grounds and a heck of a lot of their secondary grounds, I am going  to try to get to some matches at grounds I haven't been to.
I have travelled to some lovely grounds for 2nd XI matches in the past with some faves being 'Knowle and Dorridge CC' in Warwickshire. Collingham CC in Nottinghamshire where the ladies made the most amazing lunch! And the wonderful ground at Todmorden.
I feel some trips back to these grounds on the cards.

However still a little while to wait for the fixtures and then the mad scramble to sort out hotels and flights.

In the cricket news, it was a sad day for Middlesex yesterday as their appeal against the deduction of points failed and they have been relegated. It was a sad end for the former champions. To be honest it could have been my boys as well we know.

I am however pleased that it is all cut and dried without any legal proceedings from Somerset. I fear that this could have caused bad feeling indeed.

I'm also waiting on some news on some of my fave overseas players coming over to the UK next season. That will be worth a few outings.

Good news for my Barramundis as they ( along with my other faves The Netherlands) have made it to the Cricket World Cup Qualifiers  in 2018. Scotland still have to get through.

 As we are trying to tidy up after the odd weather that has hit us in the last couple of days ( the far side of the extensive grounds took a battering but luckily the 'Boule de Neige' and Hortensia Blanc are fine), we seem to be having warmer temperatures than some days in the 'summer'.
Over in the Champagne region they were in the 20's yesterday.

Ah well I think that it is time to head out and get the day started properly.

Its a calm and peaceful morning and I feel exactly the same.

Lets do Wednesday.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017


well now what a strange day we had yesterday, after full on weather warnings about Hurricane Ophelia,it was strangely warm when I went to get 'Steve Austin' out of the garage to head to the office, it was a normal drive in and then as the morning wore on the sky took on strange colours, from grey hazy to pink hazy.

I nipped to Morrison's at lunchtime and noticed that the colony of seagulls that live on the roof of our block were unusually quiet, in fact they were non existent, usually we run the gauntlet of being dive bombed by them!

Late afternoon we suddenly had a breakthrough of sun, we hadn't seen it all day  and it was not as rd or orange as being reported on Twitter.
A strange day but nothing to the night that we had put over, with wind battering us.

I wonder what I encounter on my way into the office!

In cricket there is great news that Big Luke Fletcher is about to return to training with Notts. This is fabulous  news after the horrific injury that he sustained in July.
Here at the chateau we are wishing him all the best in his return.

Leicestershire announced that they have  a new coach and it is none other than their former wicket keeper Paul Nixon.
Paul has been coaching out in the CPL and now will take on the new role, which I am sure will be watched with great interest.

Well it is very blowy and I am thinking that it might be a bit of a drive up the 167, so I think that I need to head off.

Have a great day,take care and be safe.

Monday, 16 October 2017

back to work

 not that I have really had any rest over the weekend as the continued  house over haul continued. Glossing done  in one room, ceiling done in another and prep done ready for painting tonight in another room. Why have I got 3 rooms in chaos at the same time I hear you saying.

Well I have been asking myself the same question all weekend, especially when besty friend Chris dropped in with a huge bag of vegetables, a very excitable 3 legged lurcher and a blind doberman who just kept walking into everything.

So this week I need to get at least one of the rooms finished and put back into some sort of order .

I did however manage to 'forget' to paint the front of the house, so that may have to wait for another nice weekend.
The lawns have not been mown but that will be same as above.

I did get 3 loads of washing done, hung outside and now all safely put away.

In cricket South Africa were on fire in their ODI against Bangladesh. With a 10 wicket win and terrific knocks by de Kock and Amla.
Outstanding bowling from Rabada too.
Fabulous match.

And now it is beginning, the war of words, in the coutdown to the Ashes.
David Warner has kicked it off.
I love all the banter, it just makes it all the better.
I am so looking forward to it all.

 I am writng this in bed and  have just nearly jumped out of my skin, as my smoke alarm on the landing has started to go off!!!

Dear god!!

Looks like I will be calling the Fire Brigade out to sort me out with a new one.
Please be aware that it appears to be a battery problem and nothing worse.

Right I am off to the office,
Havea brilliant Monday

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Five Years

It is truly hard to believe that it is now five years since we lost the wonderful Bruce Ritchie. One of the most interesting men that I have ever  known, and a true cricket fan.
What would he have made of all the 'mucking about' with international cricket?

Would he have made the journey to Chester le Street?He often talked about the ground as it was the nearest test arena  to him after he retired back to Scotland.

Would he have been backing those boys in blue and tartan?

As many of his friends will know, he not only left everyone with a great memories of his love of English, cricket and digestive biscuits, but also left a legacy in the books that he collected over the years.

Five  years on Bruce is still fondly remembered and greatly missed.

Well I have checked the cricket news and sadly there is nothing new to report.

so here is a run down of my Saturday

Went to town, posted stuff to France and bought some leeks.

Came home, then  BKOTF took me out to lunch and gave me my birthday present ( a month early)

Back home finished off making something special.

Did a spot of 'undercoating'

Sat down to watch rubbish TV and didn't get up again until bedtime!

Now I have to get a wriggle on as I have to take Mr Funky the chauffeur to Durham as he is going off 'rambling'.

I may well paint the front of the house when I get back

I only said 'may'.

Happy Sunday

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Hello Saturday

And so Saturday begins, I am heading off to town to get some shopping and to post some 'stuff' to the dame, then I am back to do a spot of painting, possibly lawn mowing and definitely horse chestnut leaf gathering as the old tree on the front lawn is now shedding its summer coat.
Autumn is really here!

News in the cricket world is sparse today after yesterdays bombshell  from the ICC.

Notts have confirmed that Tom Moores will stay with them until end of 2019.

The earth shattering news is a cross of  cricket/football.


Oh my dog!
This can mean only on thing

We will be getting him back on Sky next season!

oh the joy of 'yer nars' on the commentary.

I may run a book on how many he gets into one T20 match.

imagine the pod with him and the 'excitable puppy' Flintoff

I feel the need to cancel my Sky if that happens! (joking)

And talking Sky, I renegotiated my package with them yesterday and got a fab discount. I know they no longer have the Ashes, but there is still TMS.

Hopefully more interesting news tomorrow although I doubt it so prepare to be bored with gardening and painting tales.

Have a super Saturday y'all

Friday, 13 October 2017

Fabulous Friday

Hurrah!! It is half day Friday and time to look forward to the weekend.

I think that mine may involve a lot of sleeping which a certainty of washing, there may be a touch of lawn mowing at times followed by splashing of paint onto walls.
Before I know it, I'll be back in the office so best not to look too far ahead.

Well I have checked out the crickett news and it is not on the plentiful side.

Ireland will play their first ever test match on home soil against Pakistan next May.
Date and venue are still to be announced, and I am wondering if I fancy a trip to the Emerald Isle for this match?
Well as one of my old London work colleagues lives over there and is always asking me to visit I may just, especially as her son is a mad cricket fan.

It looks as if war is about to break out between Middlesex and Somerset, as the latter is preparing a legal case against the former if their appeal against the points deduction  is overturned.
Cricket bats at dawn?



It has been  announced that the ICC are now going to push forward the Test Championship, One Day International league and trial of Four day tests ( which will not be a trial but will be forever!). Well there you go 'dumbed down cricket'.

I suggest that we have a 'Tip and Run' trophy, try out 'The beach cricket cup' so that every one can get a chance to lie on a lounger and not just Finny.

Well thats just ruined my morning.

And I hadn't even got to the latest Stokes saga, oh well you can read that on every cricket website and in every tabloid.

Off to finish off my week!

Have a good Friday.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

so its the 12th October

Yes indeed, we are nearly halfway through October and have hit the date that I would like to forget but which is firmly etched in my memory.
However this year I am making today more memorable for me in other ways, cryptic?
well it will all become more clear in the next few months.
(even though we may only have another two months of blogs)

Right onto other things.

Class night out was a huge success and we all had a great time, Kelvin arrived full of smiles and tales of being 'retired' and we all realised how much we missed him.
The conversation turned to my excitement at discovering 'silkies'. I appeared to be the only person in the whole of the world who  had never heard of these.
One of my Project managers raised them as a child in South Africa and my Administrator's father bred them, whilst my Electrical Engineer had lots of them when he lived in Scotland.
Ahhh I wonder if I can get a couple?,  google to see these amazing creatures.

In cricket news the Ben Stokes waggon is on the roll again as he has lost one of his sponsors.
As if the arrest wasn't bad enough there was a video of him being unkind about the son of a celebrity,
He has also apologised for this.
The police investigation is still on going.

Middlesex are still pushing for an appeal over their two point deduction which inevitably got them relegated.
Are we going to see further shufflings up and down the tables?

Notts have had more players extending contract with them, and why not I ask myself, they have been out and out winners this season.

I am now off to get some petrol after my drive out into the wilderness of Co Durham last night,

I am now going to face the turmoil that is the by pass.

Lets start the day and a whole new chapter.