Sunday, 23 July 2017

Sunny Sunday

well it is suny(ish) here in the North East of blighty but the weather forecast for HQ is not great so I have had to take the decision not to go to the game ( if it is on that is). I am gutted!!!

I set off home yesterday thinking about all the things that I had to do once  I got there, and 3 HOURS later I finally arrived, hot and angry!
Why did it take 3 hours?

Well the Highways agency have thought that having another set of roadworks in both directions of the A1 would be a super fun idea, combine that with the 13 mile stretch that have been there forever ( due to finish Spring this year, now due to complete in WINTER, there has been some tea brewing on this job I can see).
Add to this roadworks on the bridge over the A1 at Scotch Corner which causes tailbacks on the slip road ( and onto the carriageway which is down to 2 not 3 lanes)  you can see that it is total chaos.

The school holidays have not helped either.
So I got home in the worst temper ever!

There was cricket on which was a relief........until it rained and put a halt to that! However Notts won on the Jack and Vera!

yes it was a great day!

and the evening turned out to be an absolute belter, blistering sunshine. What is going on?

However my jaunt around the charity shops before coming home was not in vain, as I managed to get my hands on a Le Creuset salt pig for the princely sum of £1, well that was a result!

so today I have to rejig what I was going to do and I may find myself painting in the 'throne room' and bathroom and if I have time repainting the boot room ceiling.
Washing is to do and beds to strip so  I will not be idle that's for sure.

I now have nearly 2 weeks without cricket as my next game is the T20 at Chester le Street before the Lady Lainey roadshow set off on holibobs to Scarbados.

I might finally get to tick some jobs off my list in the next 2 weeks........................then again.

well lets see how the weather pans out this morning I may reverse my decision.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

R & R ( Rest and Rain )

Good morning from a very rainy Saturday morning, I have been having a sneaky lie in and have been listening to the rain falling ( actually absolutely tanking it down) not so relaxing really as I am now thinking about all the washing that is to be done!

However lets talk about last night and the cricket.

I finished work and headed down the A1, and have to say a huge thanks to the Highways Agency for now adding another  set of road works on the 55 mile stretch of road that I cover to get to the  Leeds turnoff. Yes not content with a 13 mile stretch from Barton to Leeming, they threw in a stretch slightly further down. Ah the joy of the road travel.

Anyhoo, I got to Headingley and messaged Jimbo and Clare who both said that they would be there,Gary was already insitu!
I chatted to John about his new grandson George ( top name ) and Ray popped over for a chat too before resuming his duties on the football stand gate.
Then Dave and Molly ( and Timmy the bear) came over and we said that weather permitting we would  be at the game on Sunday.

Yorkshire batted and  after losing Lyth, David Willey came in and actually played a fantastic game, smashing the ball for 6 &4 and nearly hitting Clare and I at one time.

I was being kept entertained by 'Vinny the Viking' who has likes the fact that my hair and his beard match. Hilarious to say the least.

Willey hit 70 which gave us a good chance and with Marsh hitting 30 our total of 179-5 was  hopefully going to be good.

Bears went into bat and Hain was bowled by 'Timmy' before the 2nd over was over!
Bell gone in less than 4 and the Western Terrace was in good voice ( and making the best beer snake ever).
it did at one time look  as if the runs were starting to rack up, but at 9 wickets down, Clare said 'it could all be over in one ball'........and it was thanks to Timmy.

The crowd went wild ( well Clare and I did!).
Top night.........

........which is not what Aaron Finch had, after being run out by 'HWMNBNITB', as he walked off I am certain that he was not saying that he would be getting the drinks in later!!!!

And then there was Notts who have have a terrible couple of weeks with  injury and retirement.
Well they won their match and Riki Wessels score the first T20 century by any player at Notts. And halted Derbyshire in their tracks as they have been  running amok recently with wins over Yorkshire and Worcestershire.

Well done Notts, total fighters!

Well this is late and the rains appears to have stopped so I am off to have a wander to the shops

Have a great day 

Friday, 21 July 2017

Its FRIDAY!!!!


Time to don your cricket tops and head off to T20......................well if you have a T20 match tonight it is.

We have a T20 weekend going on as my boys take on Birmingham Bears tonight and Worcestershire on Sunday.
Its going to be a busy weekend.

I am feeling for all my Notts friends who are still reeling after the news that there will be no 'Big Lukey' for the rest of the season, and that Michael Lumb has retired, they have now lost Greg Smith who has taken the decision to retire from cricket.

I am willing them to have some good luck in the next few weeks. a great team with great supporters and one of the most lovely grounds.

The run of sleep disturbance continues, as the 'man' across the road is back in full engine running mode when he comes home.
He goes in and out of his house frequently between the hours of 10pm and3am, and when he parks up outside the house he leaves the engine running  ( and has  now has added 'Nutty and Bonkers' music just to add to the insult), usually for about 5 minutes but sometimes as long as 20 mins.
I know this as when he wakes me up I then do nothing but clock watch!

I fear that the curse of the red hair may soon take over as I am not good when deprived of sleep.

Everyone is on holibobs but me,Dame Didi is staying with her friend in another part of France and Kiki is packing to go on a cruise ( not sure where,)

 However another couple of weeks and I will be packing my case, putting my bucket and spade in the boot of the car and knotting my hankie ready for Scarbados.
I have a full time of it, as I am meeting eldest monster nephew for a coffee, and then spending Sunday at cricket with Jimbo, heading off out to the quiz on Sunday evening, then more cricket.

I'll need a holiday when I get back!

Well it is nearly time to head off on the A167 and work, its a short day today as I finish early.


Come on you VIKINGS!!!!

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Another day dawns

Another day, another morning listening to the blackbirds singing happily, Pete the pigeon cooing and the magpies chattering to each other, apart form that all is silent. I have not one car has passed the chateau and I and not even seen a dog walker, All very strange, but very peaceful.
I'll give it another half hour before the peace is shattered.

last night was a full on cricket evening and Worcestershire were taking on Derbyshire

It was good to see Commando Boy back in action he managed to take one wicket but Derbyshre walked all over them and had an easy win.

This was all overshadowed by the return at Surrey of 'HWMNBNITB'!
Oh yes 'Biltong Boy' is back and  hit 52 so got top billing on all the sports pages today, as well as speculating that he may play for South Africa?


If this was serious I would be worried but as he is nearly 127, I doubt that SA would even look at him, they have young talent and need a showpony like I need a new pair of shoes!

Yes he  has made sure that everyone knew that he is back. however he was unable to field as he is far too good for that*

* he had a reported calf injury

the only calf I could think of was the fatted one that the loyal Surrey supporters had prepared for the prodigal son

enough already!

I am off on a rant

Nottinghamshire are not having a good time of it at the moment as Michael Lumb announced that he is retiring with  an ankle injury.
Lumb is a great player and it is sad end to his career.

I wish him well in retirement.

I however am now 47 years away from retiring or getting a state pension and to be honest I don't see that I will ever get one.
So i guess that I will just have to keep going to work.

Have a great day and its so close to the weekend I can almost taste it.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

wooohoo Midweek

This is what Wednesday looks like in the chateau, yes I am struggling to get out of bed and to open my eyes, I am not sure why, but think that is is lack of routine. Like a baby I need a set routine, and am going to have to start to get my act together.

The warm nights are not helping although today has dawned grey and overcast, it is unbearably warm, I think that there is a storm on the way!

I have been reading quite a lot that is being written about Joe Root as Captain, what I am about to say has nothing to do with being a Yorkshire supporter ( we've barely seen him inn the last 4 seasons).

Joe is new to the job, and lets face it we have all been there.

Joe is young and just what we need.

Joe is facing an uphill task at the moment with injuries to the squad and poor performances

Joe is the right person for the job with his great cricket (usually) and his very affable nature.

Joe probably doesn't give a hoot what the press say about him.

cricket is cricket, it is not football ( thankfully) where you are sacked within 5 minutes of losing a game.

Joe will be fine, he is finding his feet, and setting down roots ( pun intended)

If we have not improved by this time next year, then yes lets talk about his position.

Other England team news, is that Gary Ballance does have broken finger and will miss the next text.

well it was a busy old evening, when I got home, back lawns cut ( well hacked as I didn't put the new blade on).
Then I sorted out lunches for the remainder of the week, before catching up on a couple of things that I had recorded and headed off to bed.

this week is going way too fast for me, it'll be the weekend before I know it!

Hope that you all have a great Wednesday

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

The working week begins again

So back to the office today after the long cricket weekend.

yesterday I rushed around after a very lazy lie in, getting sorted ready for 11am.

the sun was shining here in the North East of Blighty and also at Nottingham. Surely that was a good sign?
Even with a mammoth  run chase ahead of them, surely the boys could 'dig in'.

So they came out to bat and before I had even had time to make a cuppa, and hang my smalls on the line, Jennings was back in the pavilion.
its not been a great outing for this boy. I fear that if they hang onto him he may become the 'Roy' of the team.

It didn't get any better, Ballance took a knock on his finger ( which was scanned last night) and then was out 4. The Captain managed to double that and we were well and truly in the poo ( technical cricket term).
Could it get any worse?

Well yes!
With Cook, Bairstow Stokes and Moeen  being the only ones to get into double figures.

South Africa won by 340 runs

It was a sad say for England cricket however by all accounts it will be a grand day for the golf course today!

Time to move onto the Oval and learn some hard lessons from the weekend.

T20 tonight but not for my boys, who are not in action until Friday against Birmingham Bears.

I am going to try to get organised this evening when I get home from work and get the lawns cuts and the edges strimmed, however this will depend on how hot the day has been, there are a lot of lawns!

I also need to hack down the bushes at the side of the garage, these are not technically mine, but regardless of how many times I phone and email, the owners still do not deal with them. Some harsh hacking will be involved!

well that's all for this morning

have a great day and I hope that the sun is shining with you.

Monday, 17 July 2017

Very Very late this morning

I am very late posting this morning a I have had a super long  lie in and have just stripped the beds and sorted out a load of washing, I am on holibobs today to get myself over the weekend.

So to yesterday, I headed home and got back just before the lunch break, South Africa were holding firm at the crease.

After lunch  they continued to put on runs and when they eventually declared at 349-9, they set England 475 to win!

Can England do it?

well if the bowling is as aggressive today as it was yesterday evening I would say that they have a mountain to climb!

It all kicks off at 11am and I will be watching!
However at some point I may be watching through eyelids as I am still a little bit sleepy.

Good news from France that the box of goodies has arrived safely,although the new specs do not seem to be working and it seems it has nothing to do with Gin and tonic!!!

I also sampled  a fabulous bottle of real ale yesterday, it was a beer that had been brewed for the Cricket Writers club, I have to say that I enjoyed it very much.

well this is super short as I have lots to do before before 11am

have a great day