Saturday, 24 February 2018

Weekend away

Well I am up and nearly ready to head off for a weekend away, If you can't guess where, take a look at the picture above.
Yes I am off to Ponte Carlo to eat my body weight in the above delights and then lose the said weight very quickly  with the 'effect' that liquorice can have on  your system.

Oh dear way too early for that type of talk!

Yesterday afternoon I went and had lunch in town, it was lovely and the hotel was very nice too although with 'The Dolphin Centre' to the front and 'Feethams' car park to the rear, the view from the bedrooms must be a tad bland.
We then headed off to the cinema to see 'Finding Your Feet' which was a brilliant British film, with a great cast. ( you know you are in for a treat when Celia Imrie is in it!).
I would recommend it, and I am saying no more about it. Just go!

I headed home, and on a whim decided to colour the afro. I am now a rather nice shade of 'blinger' although how long that will stay I have no idea.

Right enough of my nonsense lets see what nonsense has been rearing its head in the cricket world.

Well Ireland were showing their form against Hong Kong, or rather Paul Stirling, the man mole hill, was. his 156 helped the team to a 3 run win, close I would say!
It will be interesting to see the result of the World Cup qualifiers.

It is understood that Adil Rashid and Alex Hales are looking for a gig in the Caribbean Premier League  in their aim for white ball riches.
I'm not sure how this will work, as they will be expected to appear for County T20, group stages run from July 4th to August 17th and the CPL starts on August 8th.
The knock out stages run after that with finals day on Spetember 15th.
There could be some travelling involved if both teams got through to finals!

Rashid also came clean about is decision saying that sometimes last year his heart wasn't in it! This statement alone makes me shudder, I guess it wasn't in it at the last match of the 2016 season either.


Interesting to read that Moeen Ali who backed the decision of the above players, is saying that he fears for test cricket. Hes says that during the Ashes their were poor crowds, although  there were a couple of 'big days'.
This is contrary to tweets between Jason Gillespie and Lady lainey's favourite cricketer turned rock drummer, Joe Scuderi. Gillespie said that that there were great crowds at the Ashes. ( they were discussing T20 over test and 4 day cricket and Tests).
So is test and county championship about to die.
When players are saying this I am upset beyond belief. Ali has made his name in this showground, and should not forget that!

Jon Lewis  has taken over as England under 19 coach , well mate make the most of it as it looks like the long form  is on the way out!

Right I am off to the Post  Office and then its Ponte Carlo or bust!

Happy Saturday,

I am not sure what time or if there will be a blog tomorrow either way have a great weekend.

Friday, 23 February 2018

End of the working week

Well we are at the end of the working week and its been a bit of a week in cricket.

Firstly lets talk about Billy Stanlake,
 I was bleating on about him a couple of  seasons ago, before he was caught up in the International circuit. He is now coming to Yorkshire for the T20 season and I, for one hope that he plays all the matches that he is supposed to play.
I want you to understand that in no way am I against this signing, but the amount of Australian players we have had through the gates at St Michael's Lane, who then are restricted in their playing, is a few too many.
I go with Martyn and Galeys decision and support it whole heartedly, although there is a tiny space which, understandably, has a bit of doubt.
I am not of the mind that Billy Stanlake will win us the T20 trophy as I have seen bandied around. One man does not a team make, however lets hope that he brings something that will be a little bit magical.

Cricket Canada have been the latest country to embrace the franchise based T20 with the birth of 'Global T20 Canada' ( that just trips off your tongue!).
The whole set up was masterminded by India's Mercuri Group in association with Cricket Canada and has been approved ( obviously) by the ICC, and is set to take place this year.
Ranjit Saini, Cricket Canada President, said that the T20 league had the potential to change Canadian cricket forever.
'Ah yes' said Lady Lainey, chief moaner about T20  destroying cricket, 'and money has nothing to do with it'.
One of these sides will comprise  only West Indian players alongside 4 Canadian nationals!!
Good luck with it all, I'm backing ' The Montreal Mounties' ( and if that name appears I will sue, you saw it here first).

The whole 'preferred ball colour' debate rattles on here in the UK, as Moeen Ali has his say.
I fear that this is going to split cricket irretrievably and this makes me very sad.
I have watched or been involved in cricket all of my '21' years and my love of the County Championship far outweighs warm beer and Shergar burgers on Friday night at T20 games.
However my voice is too small to be heard and most of you must be bored of me banging on about it now.

I am off to lunch at the Houndgate Townhouse (nice) this afternoon and then a late afternoon at the cinema.
The Ferrari is then being put into the garage for who knows how long as he is off on travels again.
I have not even asked where to this time, it is all too familiar and never ends well!
I will just be heading home to possibly put up a bit of wall paper before bed.

Rock and Roll!

Happy Friday

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Something different to start.

The other evening I watched a film, which was recommended by my chum Rick.
It was called 'Lone Survivor' and starred the gorgeous Taylor Kitsch and Mark Wahlberg.

I ended up in tears watching this film and then yesterday whilst talking about it at work,something struck me as very strange.

I won't give away the story but its about Navy Seals who go on a covert mission.
So twice in this film the main character was stripped to change his clothing and then treat wounds.

Now these Seals had been blown up, slept in trees in the hills, been beaten and shot and their uniforms where virtually rags.

 firstly I thought these tough guys went 'commando' ( and I know a former Marine so may have to ask), but it became obvious that they didn't as we were given a flash of  'UnderArmour' undies on both occasions.

Secondly the said undies were obviously made of some fabulous fabric ( kevlar?) as they were in immaculate condition every time you saw them!!!!

I'll just leave that there then!

You can see we have very interesting conversations in the office!

So I am trying not to get myself into ranty mode this morning, and can start the cricket news off with a huge smile.

The gorgeous ( and the Dames favourite) Michael Carberry has been named as Leicestershire Captain in all three formats.
Oh the joy to hear this for multiple reasons.
Michael has moved on after being 'loaned' out to Leicester towards the end of last season by Hampshire.
In the past few years he has overcome a blood clot on the lungs and then having to leave Hants mid season (2016) to be treated for cancer.
He then came  back at the start of last season, fit and ready to play!
At 37 you would think that he was at the end of his career and time to see the time out on the 2nd's.
No way!!!
Good to see that he is not turning his back on red ball but playing all 3 formats!
An absolute star and owner of the  the most fabulous smile.

In the final of the Tri Series Australia beat New Zealia, they were motoring away to the finish line when rain came down, which is to say better than the anticipated near hurricane.
The final result was on the 'Jack and Vera' but it was in the bag for the Aussies, before the rain came down.

I received a reply to my letter from the ECB yesterday, I managed to contain my excitement after walking over it on the  doormat.
 I emptied the dishwasher and put the recycling out before settling down to read the two sentences.
It was really just a couple of lines acknowledging  receipt of my letter,
Well after posting mine  6 weeks ago, I suppose it was the thought that counts.

As the proposed 'Scandinavianing' of most of the chateau begins to take form in my head, I am on the search for more 'Scandi' things.
On Saturday I am heading to 'Ponte Carlo' and having a little trip to a  store which is similar to Ikea but not as well known.
They seem to have a couple of things that I would like, so I thought since I am in the area it would be rude not to have a look.

So an eclectic blog today I think, we have travelled from going commando to going to 'Ponte Carlo'.
Guess its time for me to head off to the office.

Its nearly the weekend mates!

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

It's the hump of the week

It's the hump of the week and I am indeed rather 'humpy' in fact I am rather 'ranty'.

Even though my blackbird is singing away outside it is doing nothing to make me feel better.

What is causing distress on a Wednesday morning?

Well yet another player has jumped on the 'choose your own format' limousine. And I say 'limousine' as the road of avarice is not one to be travelled  on a 'bandwagon'.
Latest  roadtrip buddy  is Alex Hales.

So, what will be the score by the start of the County Championship season.

How will the teams look?

Jack Brooks commented on decision by players to chose short forms stating

'less time consuming games'  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

'Less workload on bodies'    Suck it up its what you are paid for!!!!!
'More cash'       Ah and therein lies the rub!!!!!
'Bigger crowds'   not at  weekday One day matches

Brooks however has not played T20 for nearly a couple of seasons so his road to riches is blocked.
Hopefully he is not putting all his eggs in the sky commentary basket.

Right as you can tell I am not happy about the way that things are going!

Is there any other news???

Well if I think that the county system is about to implode here, its nothing to what has happened over in Kenya. After a disastrous World Cup campaign, there has been resignations from the county side and the governing body.

Sadly we will not be that lucky here seeing some of the governing body collecting their P45's. We would have to 'col in' the bailiffs to remove some of them,who seemed settled in until they go to their 'graves'.

Well enough ranty stuff, I will have enough of that in the office today.

Oh and in the Tri Series final, Australia are all over  NZ at the moment

Time to head off.

Happy hump day

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Off we go

Good morning and welcome to Tuesday, here I am awake and listening to the lone blackbird  singing merrily outside.
I am feeling good after my second evening of being 'hypnotherapyised. Interesting stuff, feeling awake but also feeling so relaxed that you can't do anything.
That's it for me, the lovely therapist thinks that I am well and truly 'therapytised'.

So yesterday was full on busy  and also full of surprises as I have been asked to speak to 200 people, Its to do with a charity that I have been involved with for over 20 years. I am honoured to have been asked, although I am also scared witless!

So lets get to cricket......

Well we didn't see this coming did we?

Hampshire have signed Sam Northeast from the south east, on a four year contract  and looks set to be taking the captaincy  in the four day format.
 Sadly the lovely George Bailey will not be returning to the Ageas Bowl this season.

After England coach Trevor Bayliss thoughts on  T20i, it is now thought that he is wanting to stand down as a coach in that format.
He looks to be pushing Paul Farbrace forward for the role.
Bayliss says that it is now getting to the time when there will be a specialist coach for all formats of the game.
To be honest, I think that at the moment there is a huge amount of backroom staff and it looks to be on the increase.
What next?
A coach for each player?
It seems that at this rate it will happen.
He also said that the amount of cricket that is being played all year round is the cause for players choosing different formats.

No sorry Trevor I do not agree with that at all.

££££££££ is the reason for this.

And to be fair these players are mollycoddled.

Right I fear a rant may be coming so lets stop that in its tracks.

Great pictures out of Headingley yesterday as the steel work went  in for my new seating area......................OK it is not strictly speaking  my seating area.........................although come to think of it, the LLR stand does have a ring to it!

Well after a shocking 1 hour 15 min drive to get the 8 miles to work, I am about to leave. Funny that when the schools are on holiday that drive takes me less than 25 minutes.

Have a great day where ever you are.

Monday, 19 February 2018

Another week beckons

Well here we go again, but this week I have a bit more of a spring in my step, as I have secured tickets to see Def Leppard in December, which has made me 'tres' happy.
I also might be meeting up with Fun Sophie and El Tel BEFORE the start of the cricket season, so that makes me even happier.

Yesterday was busy, busy, busy and  I made a lot of progress, as I painted the front of the house ( ground floor only), used the power tools and put up the trellis for the honeysuckle ( which has been here as long as the house has).
I planted a mock orange in the extensive grounds and  tidied up the hydrangea nursery.
3 loads of washing done and date and apple chutney made. Lots of things were put onto ebay and I still managed to get food prepared for the week and have a nap.

Needless to say I was in bed and asleep before 10pm!

I wanted to change the curtains in the lounge, but that is a job that I can do this week, when I get home from work.

Now onto other things,

England won against New Zealia BUT failed to make the final of the Tri Series, which makes it an Antipodean 'do' on Wednesday.

Interesting to hear Trevor Bayliss and his views on T20i cricket.

'Scrap it' he says.
'If there is a World Cup every 4 years, let them play 6 months before' he says.
'Leave it to the franchises' he says

And there you have it!

Another big up for the Franchise Scheme!!!!

It seems that JP Duminy is having a bit of a rant, as he says that  batting has been the down fall of the team, especially by the senior members of the side in the  first match of the series in India yesterday.
He thought that they had a decent chance in the runchase, but it was not to  be.
I'm thinking that he is taking his Captaincy very seriously!

With Abraham Benjamin out of the T20i series with a knee injury, du Plessis and de Kock on the bench too,  this is a chance for South Africa to bring on the youngsters and work at building a stronger team.
I doubt that we will see Dale 'the stare' Steyn play at International level again ( mores the pity) and AB is on the physios table more than the tour bus.
Its time for changes I think.

Ireland beat The Netherlands, as they continued in the build up to next months World Cup qualifiers.
 Boyd Rankin had figures of  4-38.
They take on Scotland on Tuesdy in a warm up match

I meanwhile, have a full on week, at work and at home as I try to do next weekends work in the evening after work.
Reason being, I am way to 'Ponte Carlo' for the weekend.

I also think that I might have found one 'perfect' chest of drawers, I will be looking at them tomorrow evening.

Now I am heading to the A167 and as the schools are back after half term, it will be a nightmare journey for another 5/6 weeks!

Have a great day 

Sunday, 18 February 2018

DIY day

I have power tools and I intend to use them!!!
Yes today is about doing 'stuff' outside.
I have a trellis to put up for the honeysuckle and I also have some wall painting to do( that doesn't involve power tools).
Then indoors to put up a shelf in the bathroom.
And beds to strip, washing to do and cooking for the week to be done.

I estimate that I can do all of this before 1pm, so then I can have lunch and a nap.

Its all going on at the chateau.

I am however still in bed listening to England bowling to save their lives in  the Tri Series.
I woke up at 5am and have dozed on and off since then.

England scored  197 in their innings and need to bowl NZ out for 20 runs less than this score.
3 wickets down at the moment.

 South Africa have rejigged their team for the upcoming three match T20i series after being thrashed in the ODI series.
They are resting Amla and stand in Captain Markram, and given the captaincy to JP Duminy.This came after it was sure that Faf du Plessis would stay out with the finger injury picked up a couple of weeks ago.
Hopefully morale will be higher and we will see South Africa at their best.

I had to chuckle( and wince slightly) as I watched an 'interview' with the Curran kids. Elder kid saying how proud he was of his brothers call up to the England squad, and how he remembers his call up like it was yesterday!.................
........................It was last year for goodness sake!

Well masonry paint is calling me and I need to get this done before the weather potentially changes.

have a great Sunday where ever you are.