Thursday, 26 April 2018

Too tired for words

As if my terrible sleep patterns were not enough, I am now struggling to force myself out of bed thanks to 'eedjit' across the road.

After a few weeks respite from the late night comings and goings, and engine running, last night he came back with a vengeance!.
I had been working late (10.30pm) sorting out the the boxes in the top of the built in wardrobes (handbags). I realised the time and decided to throw myself into bed.
All good.
Light off, instant land of nod.
And then 11.09pm he arrives and is in the car engine running for an hour. He switches it off.
'Yeay' I think, sleep!
Out of car shouting cursing and swearing into his phone. Then sits on doorstep, continuing to do this shouting all the time.
Long story short.
He was moving in with Rebecca, and she decided that she didn't really want to go on with the relationship ( yes he was that loud and that clear).
He has given notice on his house,private rental, landlord not a nice man, and now is stuck as he has to be out by next week.
he doesn't really like her a lot judging by the names he was calling her.
He had given her his 'other' car and  now wants it back.
He wants his cd player back too.
Well this went on for an hour, then he got in the car and obviously went to see Rebecca and cause havoc at her house.
I settle down to sleep.
2am he is back,engine running, phone shouting.

I put the radio on!
It is now 6am, I am totally exhausted, I hope that they have sorted things before tonight!

Sorting things out is something that is needed as the franchise nonsense cricket looks as if it having a knock on effect, players have apparently expressed their concern about signing contracts after 2019.
Players are concerned about not having complete clarity on the tournament ( yep that's about it for any of us).
Players are concerned that  if they sign contracts after next season they will miss out on mucho money when the new format starts.

Well I can think of 3 who wont be worrying  about that they will just be sharpening their crayons ready to put a cross on the line of the franchise contract!

We all know that the international T20 harlots will be vying for mega bucks too.

I dislike this format already and its 2 years away!

And that's all folks.
I have a busy office today so time to head out of the door.
Have a good one, I am sure I will be asleep by 9am  the way I feel at the moment.

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Mid week and motoring on

Well its Wednesday and yesterday was fairly quiet on the cricket front, which is a bit of a relief.

However no doubt we will be hearing more as the week goes on. There must still be some of that compensation money from the IPL for the brain cell deficient at the ECB to spend.
Watch out for more silly suggestions for the franchise series.

I'm not a huge Alistair Cook fan, he strikes me as a kind of 'beige' bloke, but I am pleased to see that he is coming out fighting on the side of test and first class cricket. Maybe  he is more 'fawn going on taupe'.
He did mention money, which seems to be where all roads lead.

He also said that England are suspicious as to whether there was ball tampering during the Ashes.
I think that they need to put that to bed and move on to the next challenges as a team.

Sad state of affairs.

I'm still trying to get my head round how the 'invetion' of a ten ball over is going to bring in more crowds, and revenue ( and farm animals).

Yorkshire will be heading off to Somerset tomorrow and news from the home team is that Jamie  Overton has a side strain, which is not great for them, but could be a bonus for us.

However a fractured finger has ruled Billy Stanlake out of the IPL now, its to be hoped that it is 'fixed' before he comes to us, we do not want to be carrying anyone this season.


The kitchen is about to start to get its makeover in what I hope is the last room to be sorted, apart from a few ceilings to be given a spruce up, I'm exhausted and on top of that I have a million things to sort out ready for the coming months.

My to do list is  getting longer by the day.

Oh well time to head off to the salt mine

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Its not getting any better in Circus Cricket

Here is the first picture of the target audience for the franchise 100 ball T20.

As you can see she will have her hands full keeping any eye on the kids, I doubt she'll be seeing much cricket.

Which probably wont matter as long as she had paid for her ticket.

The ECB are now making eve more stupid suggestions, how many bowlers in the farce that is their latest idea.
obviously  thought  up after a couple of Sherry shandies in 'The old bull and bush' it seemed perfect.

I'm waiting with baited breath for further additions this week.
What about blindfolding the wicketkeeper for a few overs?
Making the slips put on  slips a la 'Its a knockout' as they take position ?
Anyone sent to the boundary must double up as a cheer leader?

The list of possibilities is endless and will no doubt be much more stupid than any of the above.

Seriously these people are getting paid silly money to...................well to be silly!

Worse still they get away with it.

Oh well lets get some proper cricket news.

As we expected Yorkshire won and are at this very early part of the season, top Division 1, no pressure on the boys, but please try to stay there.

Derbyshire won their first home game since 2014 as they beat Middlesex, this despite an heroic bottom order stand which included James Harris 64 not out. Toby Roly Poly 46,Tom Helm 52, and Tim Murtagh 5 ( ok that wasn't so great).
They were fighting to the end that's for sure.
Well done James Harris.

Sadly despite a century by Sam Northeast, Hants lost to Rockerfella CC. Better luck on the return match Hants!

I always rush to read an article with 'Sidebottom' in it,  And of course I had forgotten that Warwickshire had signed the 'other' Ryan Sidebottom late last season.
He took 10-96 yesterday and appears to be emulating his name sake.
However there is only one Ryan Sidebottom, the very much missed HRR.

It was odd to see him tweeting congratulations to Surrey, something very wrong about that.

I was very busy last night and had to force myself to go to bed, or I  probably would have still had a wallpaper pasting brush in hand now.

We are much depleted in the office as one is in Prague, one in Whitby, 3 out at site and one in bed with a respiratory infection!
Today it is me, my pet draughtsman ( the other two are tucked away from the main office) and one of my site managers.
Looks like I will be on tea and coffee duty in between answering the phone ( there receptionist is on holibobs too) and doing the mounds of timesheets, O & M's ( they breed overnight I  swear).

Oh well best to head off and face it.

I hope that you have a great day.

North East weather watch, it is very windy and quite chilly this morning.

just what I need!

Monday, 23 April 2018

back to earth with a bump

Well I am up and dressed but am I ready for the week ahead?

 I would say no!

However on a positive note, I am geared up to push for healthy eating and hopefully some ( a lot of) weightloss.
The plan has been put into action and there is no excuse ( and I actually have no choice as its quite urgent that I shed some weight).

So back to yesterday, after waking up to sunshine and blue skies, we headed off into town in search of food. as we wandered up Cardigan Road, we could see the sky clouding over.
We nipped into Mint cafe were Sophie had their special breakfast and I had their vegan breakfast, which I can highly recommend.
As we walked back to the hotel, it was getting more dark as black clouds came over.

We checked out of the hotel after chatting to Adam Lyths wife and the adorable Ruby.
Rain started and play was delayed until 11.20am.

They made it out onto the field, I was cheering TLJL but rain came down and off they went.

After a spell in the Long Room, we both decided that we should head home.
Both arriving at our respective homes within minutes of each other.
And of course Yorrkshire had come back out!

So TLJL did not make his half century as I was hoping, he got stuck on 37!
Captain Ballance put on a good show but didn't get his century either.
Today I think that it will be over before lunch, as Notts start the day on 181-8

I  have to say a huge thank you to Sophie, for making the weekend just brilliant, and to Jim and Rob for the entertainment on Friday afternoon. 
It was just what I needed, although I still have several mountains to climb this week.

 Somerset beat Worcestershire,
Essex beat Lancashire
And in division 2 Middlesex look in a spot of bother.

And bother is what is happening in Australia,
If we are all a tad cheesed off with the ECB we are not alone.
Shane Warne ( formally known as Mr Elizabeth Hurley) is getting a bit shouty at Cricket Australia in there bid to change the format of BBL, the franchise T20.
They want to increase the games which in turn will generate more money.........

and there it is again!

Here the franchise debate dips to even lower depths as Andrew Strauss says the 100 ball format is aimed at 'Mums and kids' , well firstly as most grounds won't let dogs in, how the hell can they justify people taking goats in???
secondly I will have to go out and buy a goat to be able to qualify as I am not a Mum.

Seriously though I found that statement slightly patronising, 'mums' do go to cricket,
Although in his eyes I am sure that the mums can watch the game AFTER they have done the cricket teas and washed up!

Right that's all folks I'm off the the salt mine.

Have a good day.

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Another sunny morning

its Sunday and the sun is shining, we are watching the groundsmen  blotting up any excess water after the storm we had last night.

It looks to be a glorious day weather wise.

So back to yesterday,

After getting the blog posted very late, Sophie and I managed to eventually get to our seats well after start of play.

It was a scorcher!

So Notts were in batting, they made it to just before lunch when they had racked up 188 runs. My big confession was that I couldn't help but cheer when Big Luke Fletcher came into bat. It was just the fact that he is back to playing after last year.

Lyth, Lees and Pujara ( run out) went early and it took Captain Ballance to steady the ship as he and TLJL start today on 76 and 37 respectively.

Ive had a scan around the counties and  sad to see Middx struggling, hopefully they will have a good day today.

Kent are today heading home with a few days off as they thrashed Durham in 2 days.

Hants let Surrey get control yesterday. All I have to say on this is 'come on Hampshire'.

Sophie and I ventured up to see Dave Bracegirdle yesterday before tea ( he is the Notts comms man).
However I got to outside the comms room and then couldn't go in.
Big lump in throat as I could see where Cally used to sit.

Later we went and laid some flowers in the garden of rest at the ground.

Now we are having a paracetamol cocktail to undo the effects of last night and then venturing out to find food.

And finally good luck to our Chairman Steve Denison and the lovely Jemima Bird as they head out to run the London Marathon.
 Absolute stars!

Have a great day you may need your factor 30!

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Another sunny day

Good morning from a very sunny Headingley, Sophie and I are not feeling that sunny due to some wine and rather a few too many martinis, I am thinking that even hair of the dog may not help.

So to yesterday, I managed to get away from the office early enough to be heading down the A1 in beautiful sunshine and singing my heart out to Motorhead!

Arrived at the Lodge to be told by various G4s jobsworth that I couldn't;t park in the stadium!!!

Well I soon put them in their place!
So car parked in stadium

And then I heard the announcement that TLJL had just gone and got himself out!

 went to meet Sophie!! Yes the girls were back together.

It was a great day of cricket  The Ladyships favourite, Hoddy scored a fabulous 62 and had Jimbo and myself cheering wildly!

Big Luke Fletcher took 4-47 and proved that he is back with a vengeance.
Its just great to see him back on the field, playing!

Notts went in to bat before close and Jack Brooks made short work of  the openers his 3-12 was outstanding.

Then close, headed to the pub, came back and the wonderful staff ( Wendy) at the Lodge, even brought Sophie's car up for Car Park F to the stadium, as we were a bit too wobbly to drive.

And so today begins

I am late posting as we have been watching the warm up.

Its going to be another  scorcher!

Happy Cricket  Saturday

Friday, 20 April 2018

Sunny days and its a cricket weekend

Ah after the snow and the rain, we have had two days of sunshine, and of course its hot enough to wear your shorts and boob tube to do the shopping in Morrisons! ( not me I hasten to add, I still have my liberty bodice on!)
Yes we are all trying to introduce our pasty white appendages to the joy of sunshine.
Hopefully this weekend will continue with the warmth  as I head off to meet me besty Sophie and Jimbo at Headingley this afternoon.
I can hardly contain myself!
Its all of 3 weeks and 1 week respectively since I last saw them.

Right time for a full on rant.

The ECB have decided that in 2020 at the start of the new franchise matches they will not be 20/20 but will be 100 ball game. 15 normal overs and then 10 balls.

As this was announced after lunch anyone would think that they had, had too may sniffs of the barmaids apron.
Apparently this decision was received enthusiastically! Well two fleas farting can be received enthusiastically if you have had enough vino!
And then they went on to say that idea, sorry 'concept', which is now the word of choice, has been doing the rounds ( so talked about on Friday nights in the Lords Tavern after a couple).
The broadcasters also had a say into the whole thing as they  wanted a format that would  draw in new followers, WOMEN and South Asians.(?)

So worse than new followers ,WOMEN and South Asians, watching 20/20 , lets invent something that makes no sense and doesn't even really follow any  of the normal rules of cricket.

Obviously women have never watched cricket in any format.
I love the fact that these misogynous dinosaurs think they are developing a new concept when in fact they are, in my personal opinion, dumbing down a great and much loved game, to appeal to the masses, which will result in games the length of a football match, and will soon be a horrible as this.


In other cricket news, lets hope that every County team has a great weekend of  county cricket. Relish it, it is on the way out now.

I think that I need to head to work, where I can at least have my mind taken off all of this  and worry about the day to day doings in the Water treatment world!

Happy Friday,

Its nearly the weekend and its a cricket day!