Monday, 21 August 2017

Another week begins

Yes its Monday and I am preparing for a busy week in the office and also in the chateau.

Lots to do, lots to sort out.

So yesterday was a 'free day' due to the cricket being over on Saturday and I headed off to see Kiki. Lots of stories about the cruise and more info on upcoming travels, I got home early afternoon and set about cooking.
I made roasted veg lasagne and then baked some chilli bread and  knocked up butternut squash and coconut soup. So that's lunch and dinner sorted for tonight!

news came through on the cricket front that the man with no lips has stepped down as Captain in all formats of the game! With only weeks left of the season it seems an odd time to step down.
The team are bottom of Division one , so even more turmoil in the ranks.

An absolutely hilarious video was doing the rounds on Twitter form the test, where a steward confiscated an inflatable ball. All the 'fancy dressers' got together to ask for the ball back.

Seeing a group of Hulk Hogans  and a pig racing to urge the steward to return the ball is hilarious.

If you can catch it, its worth a view, especially as Joe Root cannot help but laugh!

I had read about the 'plague' of moths  that was due to hit our homes. I am finding a lot of them around at the moment,  so I have orders cedar balls and am making up lavender sachets to try to keep them at bay. Little blighters seem to be popping up everywhere!

A good long walk is in order tonight as I am heading off to meet The Dames old school pal, Valerie for an hours catch up.
I have decided to walk which will help to clock up my miles this week.

well time to go, and the skies do not look too promising.

Have a great day.

Sunday, 20 August 2017


I'm running very late this morning with the blog. I managed a 1.5mile walk/jog ( with the aid of appropriate corsetry), I have finally put the veggies in to roast for lasagne, and now need to get showered and ready to head to Kiki's house, as I have been summoned.

And its not even 9am!

I am however feeling a little 'rough' due to a few 'sherry shandies' last night and a hazardous walk home ( round the corner really) which may have involved falling into the bushes near my house!

Oh dear!

I never learn!

luckily we don't have CCTV in my area!

I have the washing in and some on the line, although I have yet to strip the beds, this may happen after my trip to Kikis!

I had to turn the test match off yesterday as it was very sad to watch a once great team disintegrate.

I always have loved to watch the WI's  they always put showmanship into cricket, big names, big personalities.
To be bowled out for  168 &137 is awful to see.

well played England  but it is a sad time for Caribbean cricket.

I hope they last  longer next week!

Troubles with cricket authorities have blighted the team.

Is money the root of all evil?

Ah well no cricket today so best get on with things that have to be done...............  off to see Kiki.

have a peaceful Sunday

Saturday, 19 August 2017

We have sunshine!

I am up and been out for a 2.5 walk, I am now  looking at the lawns, and by looking I mean thinking 'maybe tomorrow I will give you a cut!'

There are however lots of other things to do and I will be making a start as soon as I find the will to do it.
at the moment I am watching 'the Worm that turned' on 'You Tube' !!!!! you can't beat a bit of The two Ronnies!!

So back to yesterday.
The test was ongoing and with former captain Cook having a splendid knock of 243 England declared on 518-4.
West Indies went in and lost Brathwaite before 'tea'.
Close of play saw the score  at 44-1.

well it should be an interesting day today.

Yorkshire were watching the T20 action  closely, but sadly for my boys it was not to be and they failed to make it to the QF.
So now time to concentrate on on the CC and get back into the form that we know and love.

Come on lads, its time to step up and show your worth.

Nottinghamshire are through and I am backing them all the way, I am also hoping that this isn't kiss of death!
they will be without 'Big' Luke Fletcher but I think that he is doing commentary so he will be involved all the way.

well this won't get the washing done! and as the wind is blowing too I see a good drying day.

Oh how rock and roll!!!

Well lots to do today and  I intend to get at least one thing ticked off my list

 have a brilliant Saturday where ever you are and I hope that the sun is shining.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Friday is here!

And so Friday begins a little bit brighter than yesterday morning, however yesterday was a day of two halves. Cold dark and rainy in the morning and brilliant sunshine and warm in the afternoon and evening.

how strange a thing is weather???

The Day/night started and  what a start. the much feted Stoneman  who had been brought into the team and replaced Jennings, fell just in the second over and was followed soon after by Westley, 8 not being their magic number.
Cook and Captain Root took over and with Cook on 153 not out and Root scoring 136, it was some first day!.

Jack Russell was at Edgbaston capturing this match on canvas, and by the look of his tweets this painting is going to be outstanding.

Over at HQ, The Vikings were in T20 action and 100+ seemed to be the number of the day for some players as Adam Lyth hit and broke the domestic T20 record of 161, falling 14 short of Chris Gayles world  record T20 score of  175.

Well done Lythy!!!

Yorkshire  finished on 260, which was the highest domestic T20 scored to date.

The current trophy holders Northants looked as if they would fight back but amazing bowling from Rafiq, Rashid and Patterson  saw them finish on 136 all out.

Great going by the lads and we are all holding our breath now to see if  they make it to QF.

Things are quiet on the France front as the wait for broadband/Wifi/telephone/TV continues and the data usage is nearly used up, it seems that the local bar does not have  free WiFi, although it does seem to have nice wine.
Joking aside it is wonderful to hear the news of life across La Manche.
I am ready to pack my bags and go!

However the handbag is all I am packing today as I head off to work.

Have a fabulous Friday, the weekend is just round the corner.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Raining again!

well it's back!!
and with gusto, or gusts as the wind was howling all night here in the North East of Blighty.
The scene outside the ch√Ęteau is not a pretty one!

However it is August 17th and one of the most important days in my calendar, so today I am thankful. rain or not!

Today sees the start of the first test against the West Indies, starting at 2pm and ending at 9pm(ish).
Good to see but not so good on your waistline, as meal times are all over the show!.
If I had my breakfast at 6am ( as normal) then lunch at 12 ( as normal)  I will be having an extra lunch around 4pm and dinner at nearly 7pm  with snacks in between!
I will have consumed my weeks calories in one day.

Oh well no change there!!!!

T20 saw Lancashire fighting to keep their hopes alight.
Worcestershire though are now out of contention

My boys are in action tonight and this is a must win game. will we get to QF?

well we have to hope and prayer that they will.

The team looks good although there are doubt about the wicket keeper, so lets see how we get on.

And back to the rain!!!
Will we see wall to wall sunshine before the end of the season?
Will we get to bask in the rays or be drowning in the rain?

 who knows and to be honest one hours play is better than none, no matter how cold you are.

Finally get well wishes to Jane who suffered  some horrific injuries yesterday trying to help an injured cat.

hope you are feeling better and on the mend soon.

I am out the door, have a good day.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Middle of the week again

Well its Wednesday and half way through the week already.

I have counted up the number of cricket days I have left  and wondered where the season has gone.

It seems only a few weeks ago that I boarded the plane and headed down to Southampton, when in reality it was April!

It has been a season of firsts too, first day/night County championship match, and tomorrow will see the start of the first day/night test.
Is this the way forward?
Well it will be interesting to see.

Last night whilst I was packing boxes of 'stuff' T20 was taking place and  poor old Durham suffered another loss at the hands of Derbyshire who are trying their hardest to qualify for quarter finals.

Middlesex also won at Uxbridge ( a lovely ground) and the south table is looking a little bit busy with 12 being the magic number at the moment.( Kent being the only ones not with 12). This is going to be some qualifying race. It'll be the F1 of cricket, who will get pole position????

Life in France is settling into a routine, going to be the bar seems to be the order of most days!
Although a trip to the cinema resulted not so much in seeing the film but having a nap.
The Dame has acquired a 'friend', a cat who has taken to sitting on her window cill and staring in at her.
I love all the updates, its great to see my sister settling in.

On this side of the channel, I am busy sorting things out (again) and the charity shop will be having a delivery at some point this weekend.

I am sue that when I go to work, imps come and deposit 'stuff' in my house!

Well talking work, I am out the door and off  to do some.

have a great Wednesday.

And the sun is shining here in the North East of Blighty

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

The days

The days start to get shorter
The seasons end is nearing
Trophies still to find a home
Amid tumultuous cheering.

The sound of leather on willow
The heat of sun on skin
Players in their cricket whites
Ever hopeful of a win.

The colder winds are blowing
The disappointment of rain delay
Crowding into the  Long Room
Praying for some play

The days are getting cooler
The truth?, they've not been too hot
But I'd still make my way to cricket
Sun, rain, snow, the lot!