Thursday, 23 November 2017

It's cricket

Yes it is all going  on as I type, the first test has started.
I toddled off to bed with the intention of just seeing what had happened this morning, but due to a wild raging storm I was woken up just after midnight and decided to put the radio on, to hear Tuffers bleating away, I was back to sleep  in no time and woke up refreshed at 5.15am as normal.
And before the keyboard warriors hone up their 2 finger typing skills to say 'call yourself a cricket fan?',
I had already made the decision not to listen based on a day of meetings. I love cricket, I just have a very busy couple of days ahead.

So here is how it stands ( although all of you will already know this)

Cook went for 2 bowled by Mitch Starc
Stoneman was gone for 53 and  the Vince was run out for 83.

Root and Malan are at the crease

score is 143-3

In other news Glamorgan have signed Shaun Marsh for two seasons which seems to be the way that it is going at the moment. Yorkshire have been lucky to sign an overseas player for 2 weeks let alone 2 years.
We are still waiting on news of a new arrival. I fear the great niece will be here before we get that news.

Much speculation about whether will take on a Kolpak player. Even though we all know that it is much talked about that we won't

I. just hope that we get a player that is not Australian,as I feel that they have let us down somewhat in the last few seasons.
Just my opinion.

Current score 148-3 and I am off out the door.

Places to go and people to meet and all that stuff.

I will be listening on the drive into work and then checking what happened up to close of play on twitter at lunchtime.

have a fabulous day, luckily the storm has passed here.

And remember we are less than a month from the shortest day...................and then it is nearly the cricket season.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017


Well not long now to wait for the fixtures and then everything can settle down in the chateau and I can get organised for 'le grand tour' to the Champagne region. I have lots to do in the next week.

Last night I was busy sorting out some things as my friend from the Rotary Club is trying to help a young family who have been re homed and have  to start from scratch. its been heart warming to see the amount of help he has received from everyone and hopefully it will give the family a start to make a home before Xmas.

After the news yesterday of the injury scare to David Warner, I see that the little the  'work experience Tyke' from a couple of seasons ago, Glenn Maxwell has been called into the side as cover.
Warner is sure that he will be fit for the game starting tomorrow but precautions are being taken.

There still seems to be unrest in the IPL, and we are only months away. Its all very complicated and is along the lines of retention of players and being able to buy players back. They should make this into a board game, it would be a great play on a cold evening.

Former Captain Cook says he is unfazed by the 'verbals' that are being reported in the build up to the first test, I personally am bored with it all. Let the game commence is what I say.

Well this isn't helping me to get out the door this morning, and traffic at the moment is worse than ever, so I think it is time to stop typing and start the engine.

Have a super Wednesday, we are midweek, and by the weekend I should have a new light fitting in the dining room.

How rock n roll!

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Positive Tuesday

Yes we have woken to rain, and cold and another 'fabulous' hair do courtesy of  my pillow, I think that I may soon find myself looking like Ena Sharples as I head to bed as I am now convinced that a hair net is the only way to have halfway decent hair in the morning................either that or don a wig!

I had forgotten how much my hair hates winter.

Over in cricket world, the talk is in full flow in the build up to the first test. To be honest I think that they should just let the bat and ball do the talking.

News from the  County champions, that they have appointed 'our own' Anthony Mcgrath as their new head coach, he has moved up from assistant to take the role.
He has obviously brought a bit of Yorkshire sparkle to the team who managed to sneak up on everyone unawares last season to take the title.
I wish him all the luck in the world in his new position he deserves it.

News from down under, David Warner has left the nets this morning with a suspected neck injury................maybe he should wind it in a bit!

just saying!

and Tim Paine, who has caused many furrowed brows in Australia with his selection, has said that the intends to make the most of the opportunity.

Well we are only a couple of days away from the start of the showdown and  after having a few nights of full sleep I  am beginning to wonder if I really should break the cycle by having the radio on all night. Its a  big decision with sleep being something that I  am needing badly.

I think that you all know how it will turn out.

Well turn out I must now, into the dark.

have a great Tuesday..................the start of cricket is nearly upon us.

Monday, 20 November 2017

here we go!

Well its Monday, new week and all that it brings with it.

Yesterday  we got the news that the new baby, to whom I will be Great Aunt Lainey, is going to be a girl.
Luckily she will be born in Yorkshire and I hope that she will show more promise than her Dad as a cricketer.

The decision with names is with the parents but, I was toying with suggestions for them,  Drew, being a nod to our Hoddy, Ryana, obviously, but my personal fave at the moment is 'Jackalean'. Not sure what the monster nephew will have to say about this.

so now it will be all stations go as they collect things in pink! (yuk!) Personally I think anything with yellow and two shades of blue is fine for either sex!

Well now, is Usain Bolt going to be putting his name into the hat for future Australian coach, well after giving the team tips on 'explosive' running between the wickets, I am beginning to wonder.

What next?

Fatima Whitbread giving fielding talks on how to throw?

The all new Perth Stadium will be host its opening match on 28th January for the fifth ODI.. Should be worth a view.

All the chatter is now in full flow in the build up to Thursday, everyone having their day on who is best, who will work well etc, etc, etc.

Not long now to see how it goes.

How it is going here is that after heading  to bed with slightly damp hair, I show little resemblance to my normal afro, I have  a very 'nice' upright area of curls in the centre of my head and at the moment nothing will make them lie down, so off to the shower I go to try to sort it out.

I hope the week is a good one for you.

happy Monday

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Cold and frosty Sunday

It's Sunday and its a cold crispy winter morning, I have lots to do and am trying to get organised.

Good news for all the cricket lovers, as we now know that the end of the month is the release of the fixtures.

So nails will remain in tact and I can get the diary ready for the dates.

All crickety news is the build up to the first test  which starts on Thursday. I have the bedside radio tuned in ready and will not be having much sleep I am guessing.

we will all be waiting to see what the England starting line up is.

Both team coaches have been having their say about what they think. Australia talking Stokes and England  saying they are ready to 'hit hard'.

Interesting to see how this all pans out.

well there is a veg casserole to go in the slow cooker and some chutney to be made, as well as cakes to be put in the oven. its a full on cooking day here, the house will be very toasty and hopefully smell delightful.

I am heading off to drop off a bag of 'stuff' at the charity shop which should make some more space, I am not sure how all of this turns up in my house, I am sure someone sneaks in with it when I am at work.

This is super short so have a peaceful Sunday, and if you are baking I hope you find the cake tins!

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Let the weekend begin

right! I'm up and dressed and about to walk to the sorting office, then onto the decorating thing! however this weekend sees  me being slightly saddened by a couple of old friends from London who have on a whim bought a house in France and moved. A chat with them last night has opened my eyes to the fact that  when things are not going well for you, its easy to take it out on others.

House bought on first sight  and now sadly turns out to be a shambles.
They  want to only spend time with English people who actually are not interested in them.
neither of them speak French and have no intention of learning , and so are living in the middle of nowhere sad and lonely.

as they had not switched off their phone at the end of a 'whatsapp' call, it was interesting to hear what they really thought of me.

I guess its true that eavesdroppers never hear any good of themselves,

So back to today, and what's happening in the cricket world,

well every form of social media was alive yesterday with the news about Tim Paine being selected for Australia, it appears that he is not a popular choice. For some reason though my computer corrected his name to Tim Peake, now that would  have been 'out of this world' if he had been selected!!!

Jake Ball is expected to be fit for the first test , which is good news.

England drew their last warm up match against Australia XI, and we now move onto the main event this week.

Sophie and I are both suffering from 'fanxiety', this little known affliction is caused by the long drawn out wait for the fixture list to be released.
the only known antidote for this, is the ECB getting their finger out and give us the news we have been waiting for.

I am sure that their are a lot of you out their with the same symptoms as us,

irritability, from the wait.

finger ache from constantly tapping on any ECB posts on twitter

crossed eyes from staring at your phone or media device for too long.

inflamed liver from drinking to while away the off season.

well, we will be waiting a little bit longer for the news, so off to the sorting office I go.

happy Saturday, one and all.

Friday, 17 November 2017

half day Friday

HOOOOFLIPPINGRAH!!!! It's half day Friday, I am shattered this morning, nothing to do with partying more to do with 'eedjit' that lives over the road, who came in at 11.30pm and sat in car for a full half hour with the engine running and music playing. He was asked to turn either or both off but did neither, the sounds of the baby in the house next to him, screaming didn't help either.

How to integrate into the neighbourhood!

In cricket, Otis Gibson has finally selected his coaching team and has gone with an all South African back room team.
Dale Benkenstein comes in as batting coach.
 Gibson had a complete clear out of the staff and I think that some counties in the UK should do the same, after all.

seven must be the magic year number, as Australia recall wicketkeeper Tim Paine., as I pointed out the other day, when Ryan ten Deschate was recalled by the Netherlands, 'HWMNBNITB' must  now be getting his abacus out to count how many years he has until England recall him!!!

Methinks no abacus with that many counters mate!

The days are getting shorter and catching a few glimpses of daylight are getting harder, however it is just over a month until the shortest day and then it will be all guns blazing for the start of  the cricket season.

I have to put a positive spin on it, as I am STILL waiting for some fixture news.

I have a busy day ahead and am hoping to be home and at least 5 lengths of wallpaper hung before 'wine time'.
Then I foresee an evening of  watching rubbish TV and knitting before I head off to bed.

Oh, there may be a quick chutney making session if I can fit it in.

Have a cracking Friday.