Saturday, 23 September 2017

End of an era

The game was won, 
goodbyes were said
Tears didn't stop 
my eyes are still red.

Over 700 wickets 
For 2 county teams
Multi Championship winner
The stuff of dreams

Still a game left to play
A rabbit to pull out of the hat
A seriously must win game
For Ryan, we need to do that 

As the  season is ending
and the covers are on
Its hard to believe 
Our 'Siddy' is now gone

So thanks for the wickets 
The runs and the wins,
Thanks for the laughs
the waves and the grins

Thanks for the memories
now its time for him to 'chill'
An era has ended
Those are big boots to fill

(my favourite 'snap' I had only seconds to take it and its my all time favourite)

Friday, 22 September 2017

it's a very sad Fryanday

well it is finally here, the last day of the last home match of the season and what should have been HRR's last ever home game, however injury put paid to that and we just have to hope that we see the elusive curly haired one before he retires.

It is too sad to contemplate!

I do wish HRR well in his future exploits and know that we will still be seeing him around  Headingley.

However today is also very important for the rest of the team and for every one that loves Yorkshire to the core, we need 119 to win, I can predict I will have very sore hands today as I will be clapping every possible run!

Middlesex had a great win yesterday with Finny taking 8 wickets.

It really is going to the wire!

now a 'fiunny' thing happened when I got to chair had gone!

Well I was very put out to say  the least,however not content with removing my seat, they then started to dismantle the chairs around where I had taken up residence!
I had to resort to sitting in the Long Room but was looking over my shoulder in case they came for my chair in there too.

I had a wonderful day with Mark and we caught up on all the things we had missed since last seeing each other.
Today will be sad as it will be over 6 months until we can catch up again.

Now I am heading out for my morning ramble around the ground to see whats is going on, and then it will be time!!!

Very big day ahead, tinged with sadness.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

The winter coats are coming out

Its a cold dark morning and as I went out for my early morning ramble I realised that the winter coats will be soon making an appearance.

 This time last year I had just arrived in 'that there' London and was walking around in a t-shirt and cardigan ( and leggings I hasten to add). yes I was on my way for the last 2 days of the Middlesex v Yorkshire match. And we all know how that ended!!

Today I am busy sorting my self out before I head off up the A167 .

The position for my boys this morning is still a bit wobbly.
Instead of wondering if we would win the title. we are in the race to the bottom!
We missed out on a  third batting point yesterday. but still took the first innings lead.

Its game on today but the weather looks as if it may take control if the forecast is to be believed.

I will just keep listening.

Matthew Fisher not only bowled well  on Tuesday, he batted very well yesterday too, yes I think that the future is looking brighter.

England are in ODI  action at  Trent Bridge today so hopefully they will get a game weather permitting.

Thoughts are turning to the weekend and the things that need to be done...............well we all know how that is going to end.

And now it is time to hit the road.

The blogs are getting as short as the days at the moment .

have a great day where ever you are.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Midweek already

So here we are and it is Wednesday already, cold and dark this morning and I am preparing for it to get colder and darker.
Yesterday was a full on busy day with lots of work and then a foraging expedition after work, into the woods that back onto the office.
We walked up to the 'Brick Train , a sculpture based on The Mallard,  The sculpture has just celebrated its 20th birthday, and is also a haven for bats.

We then walked through the woods and collected lots of berries and apples that are growing wild.

What had started as a cold morning ended as a glorious evening with blue skies.

Over in cricket world

Yorkshire were bowling and Brooks  starting the wickets tumbling.
It was looking a if I should cancel my hotel for Thursday evening, but as it is my last trip to Headingley  this season ,I am still debating it, I have until lunchtime today to think about it.

Matthew Fisher and Ben Coad took  5 & 2 wickets respectively and we can see that although we are losing HRR, the bowling future is looking bright!
Warwickshire were all out for 219 after Bell and Patel put on runs.

Odd to see Ryan Sidebottom on the field, not the 'real' one I hasten to add, as we know he is injured. But an 'imposter' playing for Warwickshire.
Sad that we won't see  R Sidebottom bowl R Sidebottom, would have been great.

In reply, Yorkshire lost K Brathwaite before stumps and closed on 62-1.

Middlesex seemed to be in trouble early on in their game, but a spirited fight back by Toby Roly Poly and the lovely Ollie Rayner, helped the cause.

England were in ODI action and after a rain affected start they  won by 7 wickets with a great century by JB himself.

Durham announced that Paul Coghlan is leaving them ( and joining Notts). I wonder who else will be leaving before we close the season, I've already put a tenner on one more of them.

I am now off to  do my last day at work this week and then no more hols until Xmas.

its goign to be long 3 months.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

another day

Another day dawns and we are now only a week until the last match of the season.

Where has the time gone?

Today sees the start of the ODI against the West Indies, they must be loving playing here in September, not the weather has been much to write home about all summer!

It all seems to have gone by in a blur!

 A blur is what I feel I am in this morning as the painkillers are doing their stuff to fight off the pain of the tennis elbow.

I'm hoping that by tonight it will be somewhat easier.

The penultimate County Championship matches start today and as expected HRR is unable to play in his last match at Headingley due to injury.

very sad for Ryan although I am sure that he will be showing his face around the ground.

The awful incident on Saturday night at Durham has forced the 'beach volleyball' stand to be close.
To be fair it is hardly ever used during the season and just helps to block the view of the castle.

I really hope that those who were injured on Saturday make a full and speedy recovery.

I know this is short but time is not on my side this morning ( or any mornings at the moment).

For those heading to HQ have a great day, for those watching/listening to the ODI , I hope that you enjoy, and for those on their way to work have a safe journey.

Monday, 18 September 2017


New week and new milestone in the blog as we hit the 1901st  post.

This morning though I am struggling to get anything done as I have had less than 3 hours sleep due to tennis elbow, which flared up last night.
After trying to get comfortable in bed and  taking more painkillers than I normally would, I gave into the idea that I would get little sleep and had a phone chat with a friend instead. Lots of cricket talk, and laughing which didn't make me any sleepier

Its going to be a long and painful day today!

there is not too much cricket news today apart from Australia getting beaten by India yesterday.

There are however lots of rumours circulating about what will be happening on the county circuit. Lots of 'who is going where' rumours although nothing set in stone.

Its a big week for my boys this week.

Will Warwickshire just be wanting to see the season out now that they are relegated?

Will Essex still be a bit tipsy after winning the County championship?

Can Surrey sink Somerset?

Well we will have to see as it all kicks off tomorrow.

Its a sad week as we are in the final two s'essions' for HRR, will he be playing this week?

Will his FC wicket haul increase?

Lots of questions and only time will tell, although gut feeling is that he won't be playing at his last home match.

Ah not a great thought to start the week.

Well best head off .

Have a great Monday

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Sunday morning

In the words of Jimmy Ruffin,

'What becomes of the broken hearted
Who had love that's now departed'

well they are in the spare bed looking pretty rough at the moment!

I'm struggling to focus on anything, although the beds will be getting stripped very shortly so that will put an end to 'sleeping beauty'  having a lie in.

All yesterdays plans went out of the window at 3.30pm  when BKOTF tipped up with wine and a very sorry tale.

Long story short, we were up until the wee hours chatting after we had an 'expedition' which was supposed to lead to the cricket club but ended up with him in the bushes!

We did manage to watch some of the T20 from Chester le Street, The West Indies won.

Today is mainly about making things, wrapping things, housework and getting ready for the week ahead.

Oh yes and nipping to the shops for some leeks!

Not sure that you really needed to know that.

Thoughts are also turning to the cricket this week.

Relegation is still very real for us at the moment.

its a little bit too much to take in.

I'm off for coffee and then a brisk walk is in order, avoiding said bushes!